TV: Suits – Season 4 {Season Finale}


Hi Everyone

The Season 4 finale of Suits aired last night



As Harvey leaves Donna’s apartment, he remembers when he first met Donna. Back at the office, Sean is waiting for him in the lobby because he needs Harvey’s help. He doesn’t know where the money is and if he doesn’t find it in five days, everyone’s in trouble.

Harvey talks with Mike because he knows where the money is and Rachel has to help. While Donna does a favor for Louis, she remembers Harvey meeting with Charles Forstman

In the past, Harvey meets with his brother, Marcus, who needs money to open up his business. Jessica knows his brother is looking to get money. To help out his brother, Harvey may need to reconsider Forstman’s job offer.

Harvey meets with Eric Woodall and tells him to cut a deal. Rachel knows the problem is coming from Harvey’s brother.  Donna is wondering if Harvey will talk about what happened last night. She knows something happened and he ran away. Harvey can’t answer because he’s afraid to risk everything.

In the flashback, Harvey meets with Forstman and tells him his brother needs money. Marcus has a gambling problem and Harvey gave it to him. Harvey and Forstman gamble over Marcus’ business.

Louis is yelling at Donna because he’s mourning over his dead secretary. Rachel and Mike tell Harvey they have to go after Forstman, which could bring in Marcus. Harvey doesn’t want that to happen because his brother is innocent this time.

While Rachel goes after her idea, Harvey shakes hands Forstman and accepts the job. Sean warns Harvey that if Eric is exonerated, he goes after Louis. Harvey meets with Jessica because he needs advice and get his mind right. He has to choose between his brother or Louis.

In the past, Donna warns Harvey that Forstman is rotten to the core. Forstman won money after making a trade on Harvey’s information. He had already spent money on Marcus. In the present, Louis offers Donna a job as his secretary but she turns him down.

Mike and Rachel’s only lead, Woodell’s wife, is in a hospital suffering from Alzheimer’s. Harvey will use that leverage unless Woodell goes up against Forstman. At his secretary’s funeral, Louis delivers a hate-filled, teary eulogy. After Louis kisses Donna on the cheek, Jessica stops to visit Jeff’s empty office.

Forstman meets with Harvey and offers an ultimatum. Woodell turns on Forstman, he turns on Harvey and his brother. Sean is actually in the background and Harvey is wearing a wire.

In the flashback, Donna is now Harvey’s secretary. Back in the present, Rachel celebrates their win. Mike called her father, got his grandmother’s ring, and gets on his knees to propose to Rachel.

Harvey calls his brother, Marcus, who has a family now. Donna tells Harvey she is leaving him and is going to work for Louis.

*** Suits Returns for a fifth season in June 2015 ***


What did you think of the Finale, the last 10 seconds made my heart break



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