Hi Everyone

I was a bit skeptical when i heard about this show, but i decided to give it a try like i do all new series (series addict i am) and i was pleasantly surprised

March - New - The Royals 1


“Stand and Unfold Yourself”

Network:   E! Online

Time:   22:00

About:   Drama about a fictional British Royal family set in modern day London, who inhabit a world of opulence and regal tradition that caters to any and every desire, but one that also comes with a price tag of duty, destiny and intense public scrutiny


The Royals Cast 1

  • Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena
  • Vincent Regan as King Simon, her husband
  • William Moseley as Prince Liam, their son
  • Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor, Liam’s twin sister
  • Merritt Patterson as Ophelia, Liam’s girlfriend
  • Oliver Milburn as Ted, royal head of security and Ophelia’s father
  • Jake Maskall as Prince Cyrus, Simon’s brother
  • Lydia Rose Bewley as Princess Penelope, Cyrus’ daughter
  • Hatty Preston as Princess Maribel, Cyrus’ other daughter
  • Sophie Colquhoun as Gemma, Liam’s socialite ex-girlfriend
  • Ukweli Roach as Marcus, Liam’s bodyguard and confidante
  • Tom Austen as Jasper, Eleanor’s new bodyguard
  • Joan Collins as the Grand Duchess of Oxford, Helena’s mother

Episode 1:   The royal family of England is thrown into disarray when the heir to the throne is killed in an accident


What did you think of the first episode?



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