TV: GLEE – SEASON 6 {Season Finale}

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The Season 6 double finale aired last night with episode 12 and 13



“2009 & Dreams Come True”


The episode is a flashback to the show’s pilot episode, exploring how the original members of New Directions—Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Artie and Tina—came to join the club. Kurt is friendless and depressed; believing him to be suicidal, guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury contacts Burt to warn him of his son’s difficulties. As a result, Burt orders Kurt to join a school team for his own good.

Hoping to please his father, Kurt befriends Rachel and Mercedes; the former suggests that he audition for Will Schuester’s new glee club, while the latter helps him choose his audition song. After signing up herself, Mercedes is targeted by Rachel as a potential rival for the position of lead female vocalist, and the two immediately butt heads. After Will gives the first female solo to Rachel, Mercedes’ confidence is shattered until she is given a pep talk by her church’s choir director.

Artie and Tina both audition because of a dare from Tina’s Goth friends, and Sue and Will are on good terms with each other until he refuses to give up on the glee club in order to maintain their friendship. After Will’s wife Terri tells her husband that she is pregnant and convinces him to give up teaching and take up accounting, Rachel tried unsuccessfully to get Terri to change her mind.

The five original members of the glee club are also at loggerheads over Finn Hudson’s leadership, questioning his commitment after he quits and later rejoins. During a meeting between the five, Rachel and Artie convince the others to give Finn another chance, as they believe in his good qualities.

The episode concludes with the pilot episode’s now-iconic staging of “Don’t Stop Believin'”, which is what convinced Will to stay on as choir director.


After New Directions wins Nationals, Superintendent Harris has McKinley converted into a performing arts school and appoints Will to be its principal. This allows him to add more choirs in addition to New Directions, whose leadership he hands off to Sam. As the school begins its transition, the original New Directions alumni gather for a final time to say goodbye to both the school and to each other.

Mercedes announces that she has been chosen as the opening act for Beyoncé’s world tour, and tells her friends that she will not see them for a long time; nevertheless, through a final song she reassures them that they will be together again.

Meanwhile, Kurt and Blaine thank Sue for her efforts to reunite them after their breakup, and Sue, in turn, mends fences with both Becky and Will. The episode then reveals the fates of the characters in 2020:

Kurt and Blaine are theatre actors who also visit schools and spread messages of acceptance and equality;

Sue has become Vice President of United States under Jeb Bush;

Artie and Tina are together, with Tina having starred in a film Artie directed that is to premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival;

Rachel is a Tony Award-winning Broadway star, married to Jesse St. James, and also the surrogate mother of Kurt and Blaine’s child.

Sometime during that year, Vice President Sue invites Will, Emma, Sheldon, Burt, Carole, Principal Figgins and Terri to a rededication of McKinley’s auditorium in Finn Hudson’s name, where she finally espouses the virtues of glee.

After her speech, Will and nearly every single WMHS Glee Club student from the six seasons of the show come together in song for a final time



What did you think of the Season Finale?



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