♥ MASCARA MONDAY ♥ ESSENCE Lash Princess Volume Mascara {Beauty Review}

Essence Lash Princess 4

Hi All

This month i’m reviewing the Essence Lash Princess Mascara

WHAT THEY SAY:    Get the royal treatment! Essence’s Lash Princess Volume Mascara is presented in a fantastic evening gown design and has a unique wand applicator designed for extra control to reach every lash. The prestige inspired cobra brush is specially shaped to lift, separate, and cover each individual lash for the most majestic volume

Essence Lash Princess 2

WHAT I SAY:   I am a big fan of Essence products especially their Mascara’s. They are drugstore [eg: Clicks, Dischem] bought which makes them cheaper than most “high-end” brands BUT their quality is amazing. Essence is generally the first counter i will go to when shopping for cosmetics.

When i saw this Mascara, Lash PRINCESS i could not resist, anything to do with Princesses i am game lol. I love the design of the bottle. When i got home i couldn’t wait to try it. This Mascara does it all, i love the look of the mascara head. It applies evenly without clumping, it adds volume while defining and separating each lash and it lengthens my lashes. Lets just say this Mascara is an expert on multitasking lol. Essence got it right once again!

Essence Lash Princess 1

WHERE AND HOW MUCH:    Clicks and Dischem stores – R 63.50

Eye 1

RATING:  5/5


Have you tried this Mascara




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