TV: Pretty Little Liars – Season 5 {Season Finale}

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Hi Everyone

The Season 5 Finale of Pretty Little Liars aired last night and all i can say is MIND BLOWN !!!



“Welcome to the Dollhouse”

Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily have all been arrested and are in a police van on the way to prison, when the liars suddenly are thrown around as the van quickly comes to a stop. The door opens to reveal a masked A with a gun. As he shoots, the liars all duck down as not to get shot, but are then gassed.

Spencer then wakes up in a bedroom with a note that says, “Welcome home.” When she takes of the covers of her bed, she is still in her orange prison jumpsuit. Shocked, she calls out for Aria, Hanna and Emily, but no one replies. All the other liars have woken and are as startled as Spencer, and Emily quickly notices a camera in a corner of her room. The rest of the girls begin to wake up as well, all in rooms identical to their own. Hanna tries opening her room’s door, but its locked. Spencer grabs a rocking chair and throws it against her window, but is soon shocked to see the concrete wall inches from the smashed window.

There then is a female voice telling them to follow the lights, and the bedroom doors open. The liars soon re-unite, and terrified, walk towards the lights. The liars find themselves in a living room, with a girl playing the piano with blond hair and an Alison mask on. Its Mona.

They all talk to her about ‘A’ to find Mona has been manipulated into being Alison, and ‘A’ bleached Mona’s hair to imitate Alison’s. They have tea, and then four chimes go off. Mona walks off, and the liars follow her. Mona enters the game room, and sits down in front of a table with a single board game on it. The liars do the same, and Mona goes over the rules. They open some of the board games cards, to find photos of their own prom dates from the snow ball. Hanna loses it, and turns towards the camera, yelling at ‘A’. Loud sirens go off, making them all retreat to their rooms. ‘A’ is watching them from the cameras.

Toby heads over to Caleb’s house where he and Ezra are trying to track down the van. When hacking the cameras, a cartoon just pops up over the footage

Mona wakes the liars up during the night, explaining they have to move fast. She then tells them how the generator shuts down for 3 minutes and also tells them she knows she’s Mona, and is playing an act for ‘A’. They quickly retreat to their rooms before the generator turns on again.

Veronica and Peter Hastings go to see Ali in prison in order to ask her where Spencer is. Ali has no idea where the girls are but is finally able to tell them that it was “A” who took them. She then goes on to reveal to them the entire story of Big “A.”

Back at the dollhouse, Spencer has a dream about the alphabet blocks on the bookcase and figures out they are an anagram for the name “Charles.” Mona also wakes up and finds a present for her. It’s a gas mask and comes with a note that says, “Because you’re my favorite -‘A.’”

Toby brings all of the information he has on the van jacking to the police station. However, Tanner ignores it all, and just believes that it is Caleb who cyberjacked the van.

Toby heads back to Caleb’s when Veronica and Peter show up, telling them they know about “A.” They begin to look through files when the police come for Caleb, but he leaves before Toby can get in trouble. Veronica gets a phone call from Melissa and begins to tell her everything when the camera switches to Andrew, who is listening in on Veronica’s phone call with Melissa.

Next morning, ‘A’ shows them the basement, where the liars are to recreate the prom, where they are assigned to different prom committees. Aria is part of the Music committee, Hanna is part of the food committee, Emily and Spencer are part of the Decorations commit. Mona is part of the Prom Queen committee and they all start writing notes to each other on the ballets. They begin to devise a plan to build a device that will temporarily shut down the power to the entire building. Playing ‘A’, they trick him into giving them materials to make a camera that will temporarily shut down the generator, giving them time to escape.

Emily stages a fight with Spencer in order to distract the cameras so Mona could steal a bunch of cameras from the table. They work some sort of magic on the cameras and continue to decorate the room.

Peter and Veronica are at the police station with Caleb as his lawyers manage to convince Tanner to let Caleb use their computers to hack into the van. They are able to find the van’s location and the police track it to an old candle shop.

It’s prom night and the girls all are dressed up and joined by a ton of high class mannequins in masks. “Alison” comes in in a mask and the girls all begin to call for Charles. A man walks up to them in a mask and Aria uses the rigged camera to shut off the power.

Outside, Toby finds a way into the cellar where they find “A’s” lair. Tanner begins to turn on all of the television sets and finds the tape of the girls in the dollhouse. She then realizes that they girls aren’t in the building they are at.

While on the run, Spencer somehow finds herself separated from the others and walks into a room with a projector. She turns it on and a video plays of Jessica DiLaurentis holding a baby Ali and talking to two little boys. Is it safe to assume this it Jason’s twin brother? Spencer turns around to find Charles behind her, but he’s gone almost instantly.

The girls finally make it out of the building when they realize they that they are still fenced in with nowhere to escape.


  • “Charles” is Jason’s DiLaurentis Twin [not necessarily identical]
  • “Charles” had a Gender Issue and his “parents” admitted him to Radley
  • “Charles” wanted to be a girl just like his sister Alison
  • “Charles” alta-ego / other name was Bethany
  • Mrs DiLaurentis would visit “Bethany” in Radley
  • Mrs DiLaurentis took “Bethany” to the stables one day and said “she” can call her Aunty Jessie
  • “Bethany” got angrry, most probably as Mrs DiLaurentis was her/his mother not aunt
  • When Alison was younger on christmas day she found 2 dresses as gifts
  • Mrs DiLaurentis told Alison not to tell her father
  • The A Liar is shown to be on the Campbell Apple Farm
  • Andrew is shown listening to the conversation between Mrs Hastings and Melissa
  • Andrew’s surname is Campbell
  • So does that make the Twin = Charles = Bethany = Andrew  ???????






What are your theories ???



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