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Hi Everyone

This month i’ll be featurng Sia, ever since i heard her song Chandelier i have been inlove with her music


Sia Kate Isobelle Furler (born 18 December 1975), better known mononymously as Sia, is an Australian singer, songwriterand music video director. Musically and artistically precocious from an early age. She was part of the acid jazz group Crisp. The band released two albums, entitled Word and the Deal and Delirium. Following her work with the band, Sia released her debut solo album, entitled OnlySee. However, it was not until she moved to the UK that she gained any notable recognition for her talents.

Sia signed to the DancePool record label, a subsidiary of Sony, in 2000. Her major label debut album was named Healing Is Difficult. A number of underground club hits came from the album, such as ‘Drink To Get Drunk’ and ‘Little Man’. ‘Little Man’ was remixed by the UK garage artist Wookie and was a popular club hit. She also sampled Prokofiev’s ‘Dance of the Knights’ for the song ‘Taken For Granted’.

Following a dispute with her label, Sia left them and signed a new deal with Go! Beat Records, a subsidiary label of UMG. In 2003, Sia released an EP named ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’, the closing track of which was used on the soundtrack for the French film 36 Quai des Orfèvres.

Colour the Small One, her third full-length album, was released the next year and led to her being compared to artists such as Dido and Sarah McLachlan. One track on the album, named ‘The Bully’, was a collaboration with the US musician Beck Hansen (who is better known simply as Beck).

Sia once again changed labels after the release of Colour the Small One. However, the single ‘Breathe Me’ had received a lot of international airplay and was featured in an episode of the HBO TV show Six Feet Under, as well as being used at Victoria’s Secret’s Fashion Show in 2006. As a result, Astralwerks picked the album up and released it in the US. The re-released album featured remixes by the established electronic artists Ulrich Schnauss and Four Tet.

The following year, Sia’s fourth album was released. Entitled Lady Croissant, the album was a mixture of live tracks and one studio recording. This was followed by the ‘Day Too Soon’ EP which featured the tracks ‘The Girl You Lost To Cocaine’ and ‘Buttons’. The next solo album from Sia as a solo album was entitled Some People Have Real Problems. Sia performed live on ‘Late Night With Conan O’Brien’ and on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ in January 2008. Sia collaborated with Christina Aguilera and Samuel Dixon on the song ‘Bound to You’ for the film ‘Burlesque’. The song was nominated for the 2010 ‘Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song’.

Sia released her fifth studio album, ‘We Are Born’, on 18th June 2010. The album received absolutely glowing reviews from fans and critics alike. In June 2010, Sia cancelled a large portion of her touring after being diagnosed with Graves’ disease. After receiving treatment and having some time off, Sia returned to resume the tour in January 2011. On 30th March 2012, Sia released ‘Best Of.’ in Australia. The following year, Sia recorded ‘Kill and Run’ for ‘The Great Gatsby’ soundtrack. On 4th July 2014, Sia released her sixth studio album, ‘1000 Forms of Fear’, to great critical praise. Sia had collaborated with The Weeknd and Diplo for the 1st October 2013 release of the song ‘Elastic Heart’, which featured on the soundtrack of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’. On 7th January 2015, a music video for the song was released featuring Shia LaBeouf.



Music Mon - April - Sia - 1 - Only See

  1. Don’t Get Me Started”
  2. I Don’t Want to Want You
  3. Onlysee
  4. Stories
  5. Madlove
  6. A Situation
  7. Shadow
  8. Asrep Onosim
  9. Take It to Heart
  10. Beautiful Reality
  11. Soon
  12. One More Shot
  13. Triparto


Music Mon - April - Sia - 2 - Healing Is Difficult

1.  Fear
2. Drink to Get Drunk
3. Taken for Granted
4.  Blow It All Away
5.  Get Me
6.  I’m Not Important to You
7.  Sober and Unkissed
8.  Healing Is Difficult
9.  Judge Me
10. Little Man
11.  Insidiously


Music Mon - April - Sia - 3 - Colour The Small One

1. Rewrite
2. Sunday
3. Breathe Me
4. The Bully
5. Sweet Potato
6. Don’t Bring Me Down
7. Natale’s Song
8. Butterflies
9. Moon
10. The Church of What’s Happening Now
11. Numb
12. Where I Belong


Music Mon - April - Sia - 4 - Some People Have Real Problems

1. Little Black Sandals
2. Lentil
3. Day Too Soon
4. You Have Been Loved
5. The Girl You Lost to Cocaine
6. Academia
7. I Go to Sleep
8. Playground
9. Death by Chocolate
10. Soon We’ll Be Found
11. Electric Bird
12. Beautiful Calm Driving
13. Lullaby


Music Mon - April - Sia - 5 - We Are Born

1. The Fight
2. Clap Your Hands
3. Stop Trying
4. You’ve Changed
5. Be Good to Me
6. Bring Night
7. Hurting Me Now
8. Never Gonna Leave Me
9. Cloud
10. I’m in Here
11. The Co-Dependent
12. Big Girl Little Girl
13. Oh Father
14. I’m in Here (Piano/Vocal Version)


Music Mon - April - Sia - 6 - 1000 Forms of Fear

1. Chandelier
2. Big Girls Cry
3. Burn the Pages
4. Eye of the Needle
5. Hostage
6. Straight
8. Elastic Heart
9. Free the Animal
10. Fire Meet Gasoline
11. Cellophane
12. Dressed in Black




Sia Website


Sia - Youtube


Sia Twitter


Sia - FB




Elastic Heart   


Chandelier – Emily West – America’s Got Talent

What is your favourite song of Sia’s






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