TV: CASTLE – SEASON 7 ENDS {Season Finale}

Castle 1

Hi Everyone

The Season 7 finale of Castle aired last night


“Hollander’s Woods”

Castle is confronted by his past when he gets involved in a case that for him stretches back thirty years and was his inspiration to become a writer. Thirty years before he witnessed a murder, but no body was ever found and no one was reported missing so no one believed him. However, a similar case crops up and Castle jumps on the chance to solve his first mystery with his friends. They are able to eventually identify the girl Castle saw murdered and catch a disturbed man they believe did it. However, while visiting the man’s psychiatrist, Castle realizes he is the killer by his voice. With the help of Beckett, Castle searches a barn belonging to the killer and discovers a book of his victims. Castle and the killer face off and Castle kills him in the end with Beckett’s gun. At the same time, Beckett is offered the chance to run for state Senate as well as the chance to become captain of her own precinct and Castle is given an award for his writing that he dedicates to his family and friends.

*** Castle has been renewed for an Eighth Season returning September 2015 ***


What did you think of the Season Finale?



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