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Hi Everyone

The Season 11 Finale of Greys Anatomy aired last night


“You’re My Home”

Picking up where “Time Stops” left off, April has brought her patient, Keith, to the hospital. It’s time to cut him out the crushed car that has him trapped. The roof is removed. Next comes the part of the door that’s impaling him. The extraction effort is loud, but the yelling match between Richard and Catherine is even louder. Silence only comes when the two of them realize everyone is looking at them.

Catherine gathers herself together before returning Richard’s engagement ring. Joan has delivered the baby, but she’s still not out of the woods. Keith is also in dire straits. He fears that despite everyone’s best efforts, the plan to save him isn’t going to work. Meredith knows she needs her patient to fight in order to pull off this rescue. So she clears a path to bring Keith’s newborn baby down to meet his daddy. Everyone in the area is moved by this heartwarming moment. Meredith’s thoughtfulness has Keith assuring his son that he’ll see him again very soon. Once Keith is freed from the car, they have about five minutes to get him into the OR. The race through the hospital is on. Keith codes in the elevator. An entire team of doctors work to bring him back. Elsewhere, Stephanie needs help from her interns when Joan goes into distress.

They all watch from the observation room as Callie and Amelia work to save her. Bailey, who has been told by Richard that she will be the next Chief, gives Stephanie a lecture on how she needs to be a better teacher to her interns, aka ducklings. Message received. Meredith is also dishing out advice. Her words of wisdom are directed at Richard and Catherine for how they’ve been acting towards each other. This has the nearly-weds hashing out a list of compromises. A short time later, the wedding is back on in the hospital chapel. Jackson knows that April wants to go back to doing surgery with the army. He thinks that maybe she should do just that, but he can’t be there for her when she returns. April is taken aback by this. Jackson lets her know that she never asked how he was coping with the tragedy of losing their child. He never got a chance to grieve.

April is devastated at the realization that her marriage could be ending. Alex and Jo make up after their fight about taking on army life. It doesn’t last. Things go south when Alex mentions that Meredith wants to move in with them. He still wants to be with Jo, but she lets him know that she needs to figure out what she wants, and what she wants is a place of her own with him. Jo shows Alex the loft she bought for the two of them. She also tells him that she loves him for the first time. Amelia and Owen are struggling with their feelings for each other. Their conversations are pleasant, but awkward. Meredith gives Amelia her old cell phone. There’s one voicemail on it. Amelia is advised to make sure she’s alone when she listens to it. She can’t bring herself to hit play. Owen is there to do it for her.

It’s a message from Derek describing how beautiful his last ferry ride was. Amelia is overjoyed to hear her brother’s voice. It appears to give her some closure. Maggie has been an emotional wreck all day after a phone call from home. Her parents are getting a divorce. Her mom has been having an affair for 11 years. Meredith lets her half-sis know that she can always talk to her about stuff like this. A teary-eyed Amelia shows up to join them. Meredith gazes inside the house to see everyone enjoying themselves at Richard and Catherine’s reception. She knows what needs to be done. The three of them have to dance it out. So that’s what they do in the middle of Meredith’s house, or rather her home.

*** Greys Anatomy has been renewed for a Twelfth Season returning September 2015 ***


What did you think of the Season finale?



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