TV: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6 Ends {Season Finale}

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The Season 6 Finale of The Vampire Diaries aired last night


I’m Thinking Of You All The While

The Alaric/Jo wedding truly was a bloodbath, as the finale officially confirmed that Kai killed Jo and Alaric lives. Kai had no problem killing everyone at the wedding, including himself. The twist, of course, was that he had Lily’s blood in his system and was in transition to be a vampire, but that death still led to him killing off the entire Gemini coven blood line.

Liv and Tyler reminded themselves that they still loved each other. In another act of selflessness that mirrored her saving Tyler from triggering his werewolf curse earlier this season, Liv — who knew there was no way she was getting out of this alive — had Tyler kill her so he could turn into a werewolf on what was “luckily” a full moon and heal himself.

As for Elena, Kai didn’t do the obvious and kill her. Instead, he put her in a sleeping spell that linked her body to Bonnie’s. The specifics of the spell meant that as long as Bonnie lived, Elena would never age and would be stuck in a slumber. Any attempt to counteract the spell would lead to both friends’ demise. Kai assumed this would mean that Damon would kill Bonnie and never be forgiven by Elena, but instead, Damon used Kai’s own lack of soul to get his guard down and chop his speechifying head off. If anyone needed more proof that Damon Salvatore was a changed man, they could look no further than the fact that Damon chose to save his best friend —- Elena’s words -— over his girlfriend.

Throughout the episode, there were dream scenes with each of the characters and Elena, but it wasn’t until all the chaos/madness was over that the audience was clued into what was going on. These dreams were each part of the family’s individual goodbyes to the character. Elena had a moment with each one of her friends and family telling them her wishes for their lives without her — especially poignant for the humans since only the vampires in the group would have the possibility of seeing her again. It was the stroll down memory lane that we’d hoped for and really needed.

Elena + Tyler:
As for Tyler, Elena didn’t want his wolf to define who he was but instead be an awesome part of the person he was. She also told him to leave town to figure out the type of person he was.

Elena + Matt:
For Matt, she wished his cop dreams to come true, as he has always been the “loyal” and “good” human of the bunch, and she wanted to know that would continue without her being around. Based on the end of the episode, she got her wish, but at what price?

Elena + Alaric:
For Alaric, whose life had once again completely crumbled beneath him, Elena pleaded with him to be strong. That strength wouldn’t come from a bottle or by repressing his emotions, but rather by letting all of his emotions out and truly feeling them even when it all seemed too hard.

Elena + Caroline + Bonnie:
Caroline and Bonnie’s goodbyes to Elena took place in the form of a classic sleepover at the Gilbert household, with Caroline feeling guilty that she was taking Bonnie’s goodbye away since she would be able to see Elena again. Before Elena sent Caroline away for one-on-one time with Bonnie, she asked them both to keep diaries of all the amazing things they’d done in their lives, so when Elena finally woke in 70 years or so, she’d be up to speed with the remarkable lives her best friends had lived. They even had Bonnie levitate some feathers for old time’s sake

Elena + Jeremy:
A returning Jeremy was the person who made an otherwise strong Elena momentarily break down with emotion as he let his sister know that he was finally living the life he was born to live

Elena + Stefan:
Elena thanked Stefan — at the waterfall where she’d told him she didn’t want to be a vampire — for introducing her to this exciting world and let him know she couldn’t wait to see what his new life would be when she finally woke

Elena + Damon:
And Damon —- the last goodbye, of course —- they danced. They could have danced all night. They could have danced for the rest of their lives

The episode ends with a time jump, to the supposedly not-so-distant future, and all we can say for sure is that Mystic Falls clearly can’t function without Elena Gilbert. With Lily’s Heretic “family” now free, all signs point to them having turned Mystic Falls into a a crime-ridden wasteland. But what’s up with cop Matt and stealth vigilante Damon?

*** The Vampire Diaries returns for a Seventh Season in October 2015 ***


What did you think of the Season finale?



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