TV: THE ROYALS – SEASON 1 ENDS {Season Finale}

March - New - The Royals 1

Hi Everyone

The Season 1 finale of The Royals aired last night


“Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run”

Queen Helena is writing a letter saying she hopes he can understand and forgive her. Captain Lacey is assassinated, looks like by the order of Cyrus

Eleanor calls Liam but gets voice mail. He wakes near a phone looking worse for wear. He looks around and Ophelia is there. She asks if he’s okay. He says he had a dream he was declared illegitimate and got in a fight. He says he’s sorry for going dark and asks about his dad.

Princess Eleanor is seen in an alley where she has gone to meet Brandon Boone (the man who murdered her older brother, Prince Robert). Jasper (Eleanor’s former bodyguard) companies her in the rendezvous with Boone despite that fact that he should be in jail.

The doctor revealed that neither Liam nor Eleanor’s blood was actually tested, so they could in fact be Simon’s children. Cyrus tells him he has no choice to leave town.

Liam did the most unselfish thing he has ever done, he let Ophelia go to persue her dream to be a dancer. It then shows Gemma sending a text to one of the judges to hire Ophelia and keep her there.

A mysterious symbol, Dominoes, popped up quite a few times in the finale. On the St Christopher around Liam’s neck, a card the Queen received and a flag outside the palace.

Back in Buckingham Palace, King Simon is being monitored by Prince Regent Cyrus and Queen Helena. Simon passes away and Cyrus is now the King of England

We see it a woman watching TV and it Prudence, pregnant, with Cyrus’s son

The episode ends with Cyrus on the throne, with a smirk upon a face and the King’s ring on his finger

 *** The Royals has been renewed for a 2nd Season returning November 2015***

VIDEO PROMO:>%20watchimg%20src=×10.png%20alt=%20//a?v=biVx7ezG01Y

What did you think of Season finale ?



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