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Hi Everyone

The Season 2 Finale of The Night Shift aired last night


“Darkest Before Dawn”

Jordan collapses during her shift, and it’s revealed that she suffered a minor stroke due to complications from her pregnancy and has fallen into a coma. TC and Topher return from Afghanistan with Ali, who needs a heart transplant. TC learns about Jordan and blames himself for what happened because he was away.

Dr. Chavez returns to help out, and tries to reconnect with Krista. Krista backs out of their relationship after Chavez tells her he has to go to Liberia in a few days. Chaos continues as the sniper shooting first responders is still at large, making Kenny worry about Gwen.

The sniper is shot and brought to the hospital, and the crazed man shouts that he wasn’t alone. News stories confirm there were two snipers. Paul has to decide on a risky surgery to save his hand, knowing he’ll never be a surgeon if the hand stays in its current condition.

Drew and Rick ponder their future as Rick mulls over his job opportunity in South Carolina. Jordan finally awakes from her coma, but learns that her baby did not survive the trauma.

*** The Night Shift has been renewed for a Third Season returning 2015 ***



What did you think of the Season Finale ?



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