TV: THE FLASH – SEASON 1 ENDS {Season Finale}

 The Flash Logo 1

Hi Everyone

The Season1 Finale of The Flash aired last night


“Fast Enough”

Barry visits Wells where Wells describes their relationship in the future, why he killed Barry’s mother, and why he ultimately had to help Barry become the Flash. Wells also propositions Barry, requesting help creating a wormhole where Wells can return to his time, while also allowing Barry to go back in time to save his mother. Barry and the team are conflicted, as this could alter the timeline in an undeterminable way.

Barry decides to go through with it, so Wells informs him that he will need to turn the particle accelerator on and then super speed at the right velocity into a hydrogen particle to create a wormhole. Barry will have less than 2 minutes to change the past, or the wormhole will create a blackhole that could destroy the world. Barry successfully travels back in time, but his future self motions him not to save his mother.

Instead, Barry identifies himself and reassures Nora that he is safe in the future before she dies. Barry returns and stops Wells from returning to his time. Before Wells can kill Barry, Eddie shoots himself causing Wells to be erased from existence. The team is unable to prevent the blackhole from being created, and Barry super speeds into it in an effort to stop it.

*** The Flash has been renewed for a 2nd Season returning September / October 2015 ***



What did you think of the Season Finale?





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