Hi Everyone

Today my family and i went to Celtic Cove,  a trendy and bustling restaurant situated in he square of Green Point’s Cape Quarter Lifestyle Centre.  It offers a relaxed atmosphere serving amazing presented food, while the menu takes its inspiration from the Celtics providing traditional food found across the whole of Europe. ‘Celtic’ is a word associated with people from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Cornwall in the British isles as well as many other areas across the globe

Flags of the world are hanging from the ceilings, while the decor is traditional with a modern twist of fresh white and bright blue, it makes you feel like you are sitting in the Mediterranean.

There is even a wine foundation at the entrance of the restaurant, while you will find the Skyy Vodka bar where delicious cocktails, coffees and smoothies are prepared

The Celtic Cove menu offers diners a wide array of options for both Breakfast and Lunch. Breakfasts range from light and healthy fruit smoothies and muesli with yoghurt, honey and fruit to breakfast pastries, a continental platter or Eggs Benedict and Omelettes

We had an amazing breakfast and i would recommend this gorgeous restaurant to anyone and everyone

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