Wishlist 1

Hi Everyone

This month i wanted to show the items i have checked off on my Wishlist Wednesday series. Some things weren’t exactly a tick on my list but ended up being a “i found a dupe at a cheaper price”



♥ AMERICAN SWISS FOSSIL CECILE ROSE GOLD BOYFRIEND WATCH (Dupe for the Michael Kors Rose Gold Boyfriend Watch)  I didn’t get the Michael Kors watch, as it was very expensive but i did get a Fossil Rose Gold Boyfriend watch. I saw this watch at American Swiss i was extremely happy. I bought it on sale for R 1799.99



♥ YSL BLACK OPIUM PERFUME   This has been the best perfume purchase ever! This perfume smells so gorgeous. It can be bought at Edgars, Red Square and Foschini for R 1150 for the 90ml. Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom & Pear + Heart Notes: Coffee & Jasmine + Base Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli & Cedar Wood



♥ LUSH UNICORN HORN   I love this Bath Bomb so much, but it upsets me that its only avail during February for Valentines day. They really need to make it a permanent feature in their stores. A magical bath filled with beautiful neroli and lavender essential oils, colourful candy stars, sparkling lustre, rainbows and dreams.No two are alike: Each Unicorn Horn is lovingly handmade, so every one is unique!




♥ MAINSTAYS CANDLE IN VANILLA CUPCAKE  (Dupe for Yankee Candle)  I have been dying to try the Yankee Candles as everyone is always talking about them, but i find they are hard to find in SA and when you do find them they are so expensive. But i did find a “Dupe”. Its called Mainstay candles and i found them at Makro. My favourite flavour/scent is Vanilla Cupcake. They sell for R 79



♥ LUSH HONEY BEE BATH BALISTIC   Because my name means Honey Bee i am obsessed with anything Bee related (well not the actual bees, i dont want to get stung lol) so i couldnt wait to try this bath ballistic and today its one of my favouites.


♥ LA GIRL NUDES EYESHADOW BRICK  (Dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3)  This product to me is ridiculously overpriced, but what i did manage to find was the LA Girl Eyeshadow Brick Palette in “Nudes” which is apparently an amazing Dupe for the Naked 3. I saw this palette at Dis-Chem and the price was a low R 54 !!!!!

Real Tech.jpg

♥ REAL TECHNIQUES MAKEUP BRUSHES  This is my ultimate favourite “tick off my list” item. I bough the Core Collection, Foundation, Powder, Stippling, Setting, Blush Brush and still waiting for my Starter Set (eyeshadow brushes). These are the best makeup brushes i have ever used. I bought them from Biovea online and i couple from Foschini. Brushes sell between R80-220 per brush




♥ FUJIFILM INSTAMAX MINI 8 POLAROID CAMERA   I have always wanted a polaroid camera so when i saw that Fuji had bought out the Instamax Polaroid Camera i knew i had to have it, especially with all the pretty colours. So a couple months ago i was doing online banking and went to check on my UCount points (thanks Standard Bank!) and was so surprised at how much points i had (thanks to my shopping addiction) and when i saw i had more than enough for my polaroid camera. I ordered it. I was hoping for a mint coloured one but there was only a baby blue one so i opted for my 2nd favourite colour, pink. I love my camera!



♥ FOREVER NE SINGLE BREASTED BERRY COLOURED COAT   I love coats and especially when they come from Forever New. Lately i have been obsessed with Maroon, Berry and Wine colours and when i see a BIG sale sign in stores i just can’t help myself. I got this coat on sale from R 1200 i paid R 600. Its so elegant and comfy.

Have you managed to tick anything off your wishlist?




One thought on “💗 WEDNESDAY WISHLIST 💗 June 2015

  1. My wishlist was small but i got most of my stuff… So here goes.

    1. Lush d’fluff shaving cream
    2. Lush bath bombs (got 4)
    3. Essence nude nail polish
    4. Essence nude eyeshadows
    5. Estee lauder double wear (finally the right colour)
    6. And finally found a black skinny that does not make me look like a stuffed sausage 😀

    Then i also picked up the johnson & johnson gel masque ..i just love it!! 3 minute mask that i think is a good dupe for the body shop overnight plump mask. And for the fun of it the freemans chocolate/strawberry mask…

    Thats it for my wishlist…i have been looking at all the dis chems for that eyeshadow pallet , but only neon left at most of the stores or completely sold out.

    Thanx for sharing your wishlist, love the berry coat 🙂

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