♥ FAV BUYS ♥ {May 2015}


Hi Everyone

I have so many favourite buys for May but i had to narrow it down to just a few (so hard). Hope you all enjoy 

May Fav - Palmolive Chocolate

♥ Palmolive Chocolate Body Wash   I absolutely LOVE this product. Its a chocolate rich smelling shower gel with cocoa bean extracts that will leave your skin feeling amazing. Avail from Dischem & Clicks for R 39.99

May Fav - Palladio Lipbalm

♥ Palladio Herbal Tinted Lipbalm   Award-winning!  A unique emollient that contains natural UV filters such as Caprylic/Capric Trigyceride (a liquid derived from Coconut Oil), this exclusive formula protects against the sun while deeply penetrating the lips’ surface with intense conditioning. At less than half the price of department store competitors, these balms are available in a wide variety of sheer colors that are sure to look gorgeous on any skin tone. I bought the colours: Champagne, Bronzy Pink & Cotton Candy. Avail from Dis-Chem for R 54.95



♥ Fossil Rose Gold Watch   I have been on the shopping hunt for a Rose Gold Boyfriend watch for a while now, so when i saw this watch at American Swiss, i bought it AND it was on sale for R 1799.99. original price close to R 6000.00


♥ Woolies Brown Ankle Boots  I’m honestly not a big fan of the colour brown. I’ve lost count at how many black pairs of boots i have. But i thought i’d broaden my horizons and add a touch of warmth to my winter wear as black can be a bit cold. I bought these from Woolies for R400.00


♥Real Techniques Core Collection   This is one of the best purchases i have ever made. I’ve always been a fan of Cala Brushes from Dis-Chem due to being good quality but at affordable prices. But these Real Techniques are on a whole other level, especially the Buffing Brush from this Core Collection. In this set is the (Left to Right) Buffing Brush, Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush and Detailer Brush. This set is available from Real Techniques online, Biovea online, Foschini, My Pretty Face Place and Muse SA.  I paid R 227 for the set through Biovea, but i think Foschini is between R300-400


♥ Morgan Taylor Nail Polishes   I have always been a huge fan of Essie but lately i have only been buying Morgan Taylor as i find they have more of a range when it comes to glitter and unique colours compared to Essie (in South Africa), even though both are amazing colours. No disrespect to Essie at all. Two of the above colours are from the New Collection “Midnight Masquerade”, (1) Don’t Rain on my Masquerade & (3) Vixen in a Mask. The other two (2) Bright Eyes & (4) Mint Chocolate Chip. They are available from Dischem and certain online stores for R123


♥ Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Chocolate Jelly Popping Candy   I only tried this chocolate a couple days ago and i’m OBSESSED!!! Its the best chocolate i have ever tasted. It sells for R30 for a slab but its so worth it.

What are your favourite buys for May ?



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