TV: iZOMBIE – SEASON 1 ENDS {Season Finale}

iZombie Wallpaper 4

Hi Everyone

The Season 1 Finale of iZombie aired last night


“Blaine’s World”

Liv and Clive continue to investigate the rock band killings after Teresa is found murdered. They focus their attention once more on the Max Rager corporation where they finally meet the CEO Vaughn Du Clark who denies anything to do with the murders and also maintains that the killer, Sebastian Meyer, has not worked at the company for several months.

But afterwards, it’s revealed that Vaughn is indeed aware of the existence of zombies which is the result of the Max Rager energy drinks mixed with the Utopium drug, and on top of that, he is determined to continue producing a new Super Max energy drink. Meanwhile, Ravi thinks that he might have finally solved the mystery of the zombie virus and gives Liv an experimental ‘antidote’ hoping that it might cure her.

Also, Major finds himself in a precarious position when he is held captive in a freezer locker by Blaine, who tries to force him to reveal where the stolen brains are located.

*** iZombie has been renewed for a 2nd Season returning October 2015 ***



What did you think of the Season Finale?



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