⇒ TRY IT THURSDAY ⇐ Marbled Mugs {DIY}

 DIY Marbled Mugs 6

Hi Everyone

When on pinterest the other day looking for inspiration i came across these Marbled Mugs using nail polish from DIY Candy [HERE]


  • White Mugs
  • Nail Polish (not quick dry and not your expensive brand)
  • Toothpicks (if you want)
  • Old Container (that you don’t mind getting ruined)

DIY Marbled Mugs 2


1. Fill your container halfway with hot water. The hotter the better! Once the nail polish touches the water it is going to want to set and heat will slow the process.

2. With the nail polish bottle very close to the surface of the water, pour a drop or two of polish into the water. (Keeping the bottle close to the water’s surface with help the polish stay on top of the water. If you hold the bottle higher the drops will come down with more speed and sink. It’s science, or something.)

3. Quickly use your toothpick to swirl the polish around in the water.

4. Dip your mug in the water! The process is so fast once the polish touches the water so you’ll want to move quick!

5. Place the mug on a paper towel to dry and you’re done!


Just like that you’ve got some one of a kind mugs! A couple of things to note, these are not dishwasher or microwave safe so you’ll want to wash them by hand, and you know, not microwave them. Also, when dipping, it’s best to only dip them on the mug below where your lip line, for your health and all that

DIY Marbled Mugs 4DIY Marbled Mugs 5 DIY Marbled Mugs 3




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