TV: Suits – Season 5 Starts {Promo}


Hi Everyone

Suits returns tonight with the premiere of Season 5



⇒ Last Season Finale   SEC investigator Sean Cahill comes to Harvey for help, saying he cannot find the money that will link his corrupt boss Eric Woodall with corporate raider Charles Forstman. Harvey consults with Jessica, and the two determine that someone close to Woodall may be the final beneficiary of Forstman’s money. Harvey then must revisit his own uncomfortable past when Forstman reveals he had made a shady deal with Harvey’s brother some years ago, and he tries to use it as blackmail. Mike and Rachel confront the fact that, while Rachel is Harvey’s associate, Mike has again become Harvey’s go-to guy since his return to the firm. Rachel then manages to get an assignment from Harvey, and later Mike asks Rachel to marry him, and she accepts. Donna helps Louis with an unexpected crisis, when Louis is devastated by the death of his abrasive but loyal secretary. When Harvey is again non-commital about his feelings for Donna, she tells him that she is leaving him. After Harvey surmises it has something to do with the stress of the fraud case, she assures him she isn’t leaving the firm, but instead going to work for Louis as his legal secretary. She ends the episode saying “I love you Harvey.”

⇒ New Season   Mike, Rachel, Harvey and Jessica are all beginning a new day, all appearing to have spent the night with someone. Rachel is revealed to now be attending Columbia Law School part time and working as Harvey’s new associate on others. Harvey is distracted by the women he met the previous night, and is subsequently late to work – apparently now a regular occurrence. Meanwhile, Mike, now an investment banker, goes to strong-arm Walter Gillis into selling him part of his business, which he successfully does. He gets back to his new office at Sidwell Investment Group, meeting his ‘Donna’, Amy, only to find that Sidwell is waiting for him, demanding he come up with an investment that makes 50% profit or else he is out.


Are you excited for the return of Suits?



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