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Catrice is saying goodbye to some old favourites and hello to new gorgeous cosmetics, consisting of a new Absolute Eyeshadow Palette, Luxury Mascara’s and Eyeshadow Sticks


Six warm nude and brown nuances – ranging from white chocolate to dark mousse – united in one palette. The supple textures have a convincing, high colour-dispersion and offer shimmering as well as matt effects. For a natural daily look or exciting accents in the evening – with included duo-applicator. (This will be replacing the Brights Candy Warhol palette). Chocolate Nudes joins Nudes, Matt and Rose




The three perfectly aligned colours of each eyeshadow set ensure an intensive and long-lasting make-up look. The baked texture is slightly raised and has a convincing colour-dispersion with a luxurious shimmer – perfect eye make-up styles for every occasion. Colours are; Antique C’est Tres Chic, Meet The Gemstones and Rose Vintouch




A diverse colour spectrum, long durability, high coverage and various effects in matt, shimmering or pearly – united in the Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadows. Inspired by the looks at the international fashion shows, the Eyeshadows are available in various nuances ranging from soft nudes to bold shades for a bright and colour-intensive finish. The 5 new colours (Game Of Stones, Hakuna MATTata, Popeye’s Daily Dose, Gold Out! & Choc’Late Night Show) join 27 other colours in this diverse range.





With the Eye‘Matic Eyepowder Pen, there’s no need for an additional brush to apply the eyeshadow – it has its own integrated jumbo sponge. Its tapered shape allows a simple and accurate application – ideal for creating highlights and soft light reflections. Apply the powder onto the eyelid and lightly blend the creamy powder texture with the fingers. Colours include: West White Story, Hotel Pearlafornia, Champagne On Me, Keep Calm & Love This Colour, Al Cappuccino and Lavender McQueen



Velvet Matt Eyeshadow


The Velvet Matt Eyeshadows with a new premium texture contain ultra-soft shimmer pigments for a velvety matt finish. Thanks to the silky, highly pigmented formula, the Velvet Matt Eyeshadows practically melt with your skin to create a radiant look. This colour Princess Mattleine joins 6 other colours in this range




New Products - Catrice - Eye‘Matic Dip Liner Waterproof - Stay With Me


The Eye‘Matic Dip Liner Waterproof is the classic amongst eyeliners and offers an accurate as well as simple application. Thanks to the curved felt-tip, perfect lines and sweeping curves are easy to achieve. The deep-black, waterproof texture dries fast and is especially long-lasting.





New Products - Kohl Kajal and Liquid Metal Eyeliners


Makes a true statement with Smokey Eyes in lots of amazing color effects – sometimes soft and shimmering or metallic, sometimes glossy or velvety – anything goes! Brownzer is the new addition to the Kohl Kajal range and joins 8 other colours.


A soft, gel-like texture that lasts all day without smudging? That’s exactly what the Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil with a retractable mine offers, and it ensures spectacular metallic effects, too. I’ll Be Right Black is the new addition to the Liquid Metal range and joins 8 other colours.





Catrice - New - Eyes - Lashes To Kill Ultra Curl & Volume Mascara 010


Movie-material: Deep-black, voluminous, extra-long and perfectly shaped lashes are on the beauty agenda today with the Lashes To Kill Ultra Curl & Volume Mascara. The twisted fibre brush captures every single lash directly at the root to give it a beautiful curl. For sweeping lashes straight out of Hollywood.


The Luxury Lashes Volume Mascara is the professional range for lashes with lots of volume, a beautiful curl and perfect definition. Highlight: The exclusive cashmere protein ingredient and a subtle fragrance. The Luxury Lashes Volume Mascara Dramatic Volume has a twisted fibre brush that captures even more texture of the formula for more fill. Also available in Ultra Black and Waterproof. This new range consists of Dramatic Volume, Ultra Black and Waterproof






The transparent, wax-like texture shapes your brows into a perfect arch and keeps them in shape. The Brow Wax is pleasantly soft and won’t leave behind a sticky sensation. For the optimal brow styling finish with a well-groomed look. Comes in a practical pen shape with a retractable mine. Nut-ting Else Matters and Choco Mademoiselle join 1 other colour (010 Transparent) in this small range

♥ Longlasting Brow Definer

This innovative eyebrow pen with a unique liquid formula provides natural colour results for perfectly defined brows. You can visibly thicken your eyebrows and even out irregularities in the brow structure with its extra thin applicator brush. The unique formula lasts all day long without smudging. Brow’dly Presents joins James Blond in this Eyebrow Defining range.




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