♥ VIDAL SASSOON ♥ Infra Radiance Curler


Hi Everyone

I couldn’t wait to review this awesome new Infra Radiance Curler from Vidal Sassoon

♥ WHAT THEY SAY   The Infra Radiance Collection, for faster and kinder salon drying and styling power.  This 25mm Tourmaline Ceramic, variable temperature Curler features NEW Infra Radiance Technology.  Gentle infrared technology delivers heat more evenly to the hair, helping to prevent hot spots and maintain the natural moisture balance for faster styling and soft, conditioned bouncy curls.


⇒ Features

  • Tailor for soft curls or waves – Variable Temperature up to 180*C
  • Have total peace of mind – Auto shut off after 60 min
  • Natural, bouncy, curls or waves
  • Conditioning, anti-frizz ions – Tourmaline Ceramic
  • Freedom when drying – 2.5 Swivel Cable


♥ WHAT I SAY    I have been looking for a curler for a while now as my old one had packed up. So when i saw Luzanne from Pink Peonies had recommended this particular one, i went to clicks and yay! it was on special for R 159.99. I was looking for an inexpensive one as i don’t curl my hair very often as i naturally have curly hair and i am constantly flat ironing my hair dead straight.

So, as soon as I got home i could’t wait to try it. It has a level 7 heating that turns with a dial, and i love the red lights all along the curling iron. Can you say Fancy lol.

So off i go, half my hair up and curling piece by piece. I’ll be honest, i found it difficult in the beginning because i felt when i am wrapping my hair around the barrel the clamp tends to get in the way (want to remove it) but i eventually got used to it. I wrapped my hair (only bottom half, not the whole piece) around the barrel. Left it for about 10 seconds and i have a beautiful curl.

Now because my hair is so thick, i brushed the curls out a bit as i wanted it to look as natural as possible. I didn’t feel like i was doing damage to my hair or burning it thanks to the infrared technology. My hair actually felt softer, weird i know. It kept its moisture and most important the curl.

This has been one of the best buy choices i have ever made.

Below is a picture of me (excuse the light, was at work) 2 days after i curled my hair. It keep the loose beach like waves even after clipping it up when i bath and sleeping on the curls. 2 Thumbs up for this product!

♥ WHERE AND HOW MUCH     Clicks Stores – R 159.99



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2 thoughts on “♥ VIDAL SASSOON ♥ Infra Radiance Curler

  1. I’ve been trying to get courage to curl my hair using a curling iron and they do look easier to do with a wand with no clamp. The curls look really nice in your hair 🙂
    Pieces in Pink | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

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