Rookie Blue

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The Season 6 Finale of Rookie Blue aired last night


“74 Epiphanies”

Andy does her best to have Sam not see her on this their wedding day. She makes him close his eyes before giving him a kiss.

Traci is forced to delegate her Maid of Honor duties due to a homicide investigation. Chloe’s attempt to edit a music slideshow briefly interrupts the rundown of the murder case. The victim, Lindsay McConnell, was found dead at the bottom of the stairs with a bloody hammer nearby. Thanks to Chloe’s cooking knowledge and a little deductive reasoning, the team realizes this tragic death was actually accidental. Everyone is off to the wedding!

Nick shows up at Andy’s place to tell her he’s going to miss the wedding. He’s off to Vancouver. But first, he needs to stitch Andy into her ripped wedding dress. They chat about their mutual happiness. After Nick leaves, Andy must drive herself to the ceremony. She gets a little turned around on a back road after coming across a stopped convertible. Andy swings a U-turn and later picks up a young girl, Starr, who was hitchhiking.

Andy learns that her passenger was in the convertible she saw earlier. Starr’s story is that the driver assaulted her. Andy turns back to find the guy bloodied an unable to move. A panicked Starr takes off in Andy’s truck leaving the frustrated bride-to-be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Andy heads back to the car to see that the driver has been stabbed.

Andy calls Duncan, but loses the signal before she can get out a full message. The wounded driver, Angus, says he was on his way to surprise his girlfriend. It was going to be their 74th epiphany. He’s been keeping track of all their special times he wouldn’t have appreciated before he met his true love. Angus is in bad shape. Andy needs to get to the highway for help.

Sam’s dad, Jay Swarek, gets a special parole pass to attend his son’s wedding. He convinces Chris and Dov to make a pit stop so he won’t show up at the ceremony empty-handed. Things seem a little fishy at the house where they stop. Dov asks Duncan to check on the address. The resident has criminal past with Jay, who explains that he just needed to retrieve a watch he once took away from Sam as a kid.

Sam is surprised to see his father at the church. He had no idea he was coming. He also has no use for the watch, as he still carries the one his old friend Jerry Barber gave him. As for Andy, she’s shocked to see Duncan coming down the road. Enough of her message got through. Help is on the way. Andy calls Sam to let him know that she’s on her way, too.

After a brief delay for a funeral in the church, the wedding is back on track. Andy’s father walks her down the aisle. Sam is joined by the love of his life at the altar. He recites his very personal, very touching vows. Then it’s Andy’s turn. She lost her prepared vows, so she shoots from the hip. Her words are just as touching as Sam’s. She promises to continue loving him one epiphany at a time. Rings are exchanged. Andy and Sam are then pronounced husband and wife. Cheers fill the church.

Oliver introduces Andy and Sam at the reception. They share their first dance. Others join them on the floor. Later, Gail and Detective Anderson have their chat interrupted by Duncan, who is grateful to have been invited to the wedding. Actually, he wasn’t invited. Even so, he’s grateful to be included. Duncan breaks the news that he’s being transferred. He thanks Andy for teaching him everything he knows.

Sam awakens his new wife with kisses from Boo Radley. Elsewhere, Chris and Chloe are surprised to see that Detective Anderson spent the night with Gail. At the station, everyone is bracing for change. Dov is now a detective-in-training. Traci is heading up Guns & Gangs.

Oliver is back as staff sergeant. Chloe does a happy dance when she learns she’s staying put. Andy, Chris and Gail will be training rookies. Oliver’s morning briefing is cut short thanks to reports of criminal activity. He orders all the coppers of 15 Division to get out there. With a speech that ends with a knowing look at a smiling Andy, Oliver declares, “Serve, protect and don’t screw up.

*** No news on whether Rookie Blue has been renewed for a 7th Season ***


What did you think of the season finale?



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