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New Tricks

Aug - TV - Rtn - New Tricks - Banner

♦ Network   BBC One Network
♦ Date   04 Aug @ 21:00

♦ Last Season    A time capsule is dug-up and is found to contain the cassette tape made by murdered schoolgirl Amy Taskerland. It was in 1983 when sixteen year-old Amy was murdered on the night of her school disco. The UCOS team interview Amy’s best friend Harriet as well as the current headmaster, Mr Hines. Dan analyses the strange mix of music and poetry Amy had recorded. However he soon discovers that the tape was made for the Queen and was only intended for broadcast in the event of a nuclear war. The team have to unravel whether the possession of the recording had lead to her murder. The team also are aware that Robert Strickland is keeping his own secret from them. To the team he seems troubled and keeps joining them at the pub

♦ Season 12 Premiere   Episode 1  – “Last Man Standing”  –  Gerry feels spooked following the discovery of UCOS’s latest victim, a policeman, whose body has lain untouched under a basement for the last 30 years. Accusations of police corruption and underhand dealings start to surface causing Gerry to face up to some skeletons in his own closet.


Playing House

Aug - TV - Rtn - Playing House - Banner

♦ Network   USA Network
♦ Date   04 Aug @ 22:00

♦ Last Season    Maggie plans her baby’s christening, making Emma question her place in her life. Mark loses out on a bet

♦ Season 2 Premiere   Episode 1  – “Hello Old Friend”  –  An awkward run-in with Mark and Tina causes Maggie and Emma to go on a rescue mission deep inside enemy territory


Hard Knocks

Aug - TV - Rtn - Hard Knocks - Banner

♦ Network   HBO Network
♦ Date   11 Aug @ 22:00

♦ Last Season    The Atlanta Falcons 2014 training camp comes to an end as they prepare for their 1st regular season contest against the New Orleans Saints at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on 7 September.

♦ Season 10 Premiere   Episode 1  – “Training Camp with the Houston Texans Part 1”


Aug - TV - Rtn - Survivors Remorse - Banner

♦ Network   Starz Network
♦ Date   22 Aug @ 21:00

♦ Last Season    Cam intervenes with Reggie when a former girlfriend makes contact. Shoe endorsement deals prove a headache

♦ Season 2 Premiere   Episode 1  – “Grown Ass Man”  –  TBA


From Dusk Till Dawn

Aug - TV - Rtn - From Dusk Till Dawn - Banner

♦ Network   EL REY Network
♦ Date   25 Aug @ 21:00

♦ Last Season     Seth and Richie find they’ve been double-crossed; the Fullers confront their demons

♦ Season 2 Premiere   Episode 1  – “TBA”  –  TBA



Aug - TV - Rtn - Legends - Banner

♦ Network   TNT Network
♦ Date   25 Aug @ 22:00

♦ Last Season     Martin finds out that Verax could be plotting an assassination. He is also kidnapped and makes a stunning discovery about his own identity

♦ Season 2 Premiere   Episode 1  – “TBA”  –  TBA



Aug - TV - Rtn - Awkward - Banner

♦ Network   MTV Network
♦ Date   31 Aug @ 21:00

♦ Last Season     The spring break festivities continue at Ally’s rental house in Rosarito.

♦ Season 5 Premiere   Episode 1  – TBA”  –  Info

Will you guys be watching any of these returning shows?



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