♥ ESSENCE ♥ Express Dry Nail Spray {Product Review}


Hi Everyone

Today i’m reviewing the Essence Express Dry Nail Spray

♥ WHAT THEY SAY   Essence Speed-dry your nail polish: the express dry spray ensures that the artistic masterpieces on your nails dry faster than ever before. it accelerates the drying time of nail polish and glue and enhances your style with added shine. for an exciting look in record time!

♥ WHAT I SAY    I am not a patient person at all. So the idea of painting my nails and then sitting in one spot with my arms spread out so nothing can touch or destroy the work I’ve done while wasting precious time does not sit will with me. So when i saw Essence had this spray i couldn’t wait to try it.

Essence 1

This spray promises to dry the nail polish in roughly 60 seconds and give your nails extra shine at the same time. To me it all depends on how many layers of nail polish you apply. If i apply 2 layers it dries pretty quickly, under 2 mins. But if i apply more than 2 it can take up to 5-7 mins.

Paint your nails as per normal. Wait 30-40 seconds. Spray the Express Dry Spray from a distance of approximately 30 cm and your nail polish will dry super-fast.

♥ WHERE   Dis-Chem, Clicks, Red Square, Spree and various other stores

♥ HOW MUCH   R 47.95

Have you tried this product yet, if so what do you think?



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