TV: Young And Hungry – Season 2 {Returns}

Young and Hungry

Hi Everyone

Young and Hungry returns tonight for the 2nd half of Season 2


“Young & How Gabi Got Her Job Back”

♥ MID SEASON FINALE   Having to deal with the aftermath of the karaoke party, Gabi auditions for an apprenticeship for chef Charles D’Arby. She fails her audition, but redeems herself by showing the chef her talent. Moreover, Gabi deals with Josh’s revelations and agrees to think about a date with him. Just as she was about to leave for the engagement party of Allan and Elliot, Gabi receives a phone call from the chef. He offers her the apprenticeship in Switzerland for six months. She accepts and leaves that night.

Y&H - S2 - E11 - Pic 1

RETURNING EPISODE  Gabi has returned from her internship in Switzerland, still has unresolved feelings concerning Josh and she is anxious to face him after how things were left between them. But Josh insists he’s fine. While Gabi was gone, Josh hired a new chef named Adriana. Gabi is hired as the new chef for Kal, a tech entrepreneur about to make a huge business deal with Josh. He encourages Gabi to take a job with his new neighbor. But when Josh thinks his neighbor might have a thing for Gabi, he takes to spying to learn the truth




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