♥ DIS-CHEM ♥ Cosmetics Haul

Dis Chem Haul

Hi Everyone

On Friday and Saturday i had a major shopping spree’s at Dis-Chem and also discovered that the new items from L.A Girl had also been released


At Dis-Chem at the moment, when you buy any foundation and concealer from Catrice you receive a free Lash Extension Mascara. I have been using the Nude Illusion foundation for a while now and i LOVE it and heard amazing things about the Light Reflecting concealer.



I am dying to try Eos Lip Balm, a friend if mine is sending me 3 from States arriving soon and i see a company/website called Bikini Club SA and a few others also sell Eos. So when i came across the dupe at the paying counter as Dis-Chem i had to try it. Unfortunately they only have the one “flavour”



I have been using the eyebrow pencil but i have heard lots of great reviews of the Make Me Brow eyebrow gel mascara. So when i saw they still had stock at Dis-Chem i couldn’t wait to try it. I have been using it since Friday and so addicted to this product. It really is great quality at such a reasonable price




I am totally addicted to Lip balms, Lip Ice’s etc. Give me any brand in 10 different flavours and I’m there like a bear. I am a hoarder of note lol. And softlips are one of my favourite, especially the French Vanilla




I was so excited when i saw the new products that just came in from LA. The Beauty Brick – Eyeshadow Bricks (Nudes, Smoky, Ultra and Neon) and the NEW Beauty Brick Blushes just arrived (Glam, Glow, Spice and Pinky) which consist of 2 Blushes, 1 Bronzer and 1 Highlighter. The Matte Lip Glosses as well as the Glaze Lip Paint (dupe for Two Faced Melted Lip Gloss)




I have been so excited for this Trend Edition Collection to come out and i was disappointed when i went to all the Dis-Chem (and Clicks stores – maybe 5/6 centres) and they only received 3/4 of each item so it went way to quickly for my liking. I managed to pick up the blush, the blue eyeshadow (not the brown one), the 2 lipsticks, the eyeliner, the brow tint, the fragrance and the nail stickers. I couldn’t find any of the 4 nail polishes that were part of this range. I did ask if they were restocking and the answers so far are either no, its a once off or they don’t know.



This was another range i was dying to try. All items were available (yay!!!). I picked up the eyeshadow/blush/brozner palette, the shimmer highlighting pearls, 1 of the lipglosses (i thought the other was too light) and 2 of the 4 nail polishes. I am loving the packaging


Review coming soon on all the above as well as 4 giveaways




2 thoughts on “♥ DIS-CHEM ♥ Cosmetics Haul

  1. Aaaahhhh, this makes me so excited! I have to get that LA Girl Nudes Pallete, the Beauty Brick and the Matte Lipsticks! Thanks for the post

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