Essence New products popping up 1

Hi Everyone

There are a lot of new items from Essence that will be hitting our SA shores very soon. I’m sharing with you all some of my favourites i can’t wait to buy and try


Essence - I Love Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara

Lashes to love. a waterproof sister is joining the popular i love extreme volume mascara range for those who also like to go for extreme volume during sports or swimming! the texture with ultra-black pigments covers each individual lash and the extra large brush offers plenty of volume. a true highlight – and not just during the summer vacation!


New - Essence - Eyes - All About Eyeshadows - All 2

All about… These are the new eyeshadow palettes with a wow-factor. each palette offers eight trendy, perfectly aligned colours – from light shades to medium and dark nuances. the soft and long-lasting texture with various effects like matt, shimmering or metallic allows you to create diverse looks.

  • 01 bronze
  • 02 nudes
  • 03 roses
  • 04 greys
  • 05 vintage


Perfect contours! the shading powder offers a bronzer and a highlighter in just one product. the combination of a shimmering highlighter and matt bronzing powder is ideal for emphasizing the contours of your face. the bronzer can be used to add a touch of shade to the cheeks while the highlighter accentuates the cheekbones.

  • 01 light
  • 02 medium



Essence - Pure Nude Concealer

No dark circles! the concealer in a practical, twistable stick format covers up dark circles under your eyes and irregularities of the skin and is an ideal travel companion thanks to its handy shape. the creamy, slightly powdery texture is easy to blend.

  • 10 pure beige
  • 20 pure sand
  • 30 pure honey



03 chubby berry

Balmy! The mini sheer lipbalm ensures soft and velvety lips with a silky finish and a touch of colour. the practical mini-stick shape with a retractable mine is easy to apply and is sure to fit into even the tiniest bag. care for your lips!

  • 01 baby girl
  • 02 little miss rosie
  • 03 chubby berry
  • 04 I am charming



sheer & shine lipstick 01

The super soft formula of the sheer & shine lipsticks feels pleasantly light on your lips and provides them with gorgeous, subtle colour with a fantastic shine in the wanna-have shades nude, brown and pink. the translucent cap is the same colour as the lipstick inside so it’s easy to reach for your favorite shade. sheer, shine and oh so stylish.

  • 01 my first love
  • 02 cute nude
  • 03 bff
  • 04 hidden secret
  • 06 frosted
  • 07 sparkling miracle
  • 08 be happy
  • 09 I feel pretty
  • 10 glamour queen
  • 11 all about cupcake
  • 12 candy love
  • 13 like a princess



New - Essence - Nails - French Manicure Nail Polish

Fantastic french! the soft nail polishes are available in subtle colours – for a natural french look with a radiant shine. for gorgeous, pampered-looking nails.

  • 01 girl’s best FRENCH
  • 02 FRENCHs are forever
  • 03 true FRENCHship



How To Make… Nude Eyes Make-up Box

Essence - How To Make Nude Eyes Make-up Box

In love with nude… The unique how to make nude eyes make-up box contains six different eyeshadow nuances and one applicator. you can use it to create either a subtle, classic nude look in brown tones or a cool and daring party look. absolutely indispensible: the cool styling card with helpful step-by-step instructions for both looks.

How To Make… Smokey Eyes Make-up Box

Essence - How To Make Smokey Eyes Make-up Box

The classic smokey eyes-look is facing some fierce competition in a trendy brown version. the cool make-up box is super practical as it unites six colours, a duo eyeshadow applicator as well as a mirror and styling card, which explains all of the necessary steps for smokey eyes in detail. the six different colours with effects ranging from shimmering to matt create a perfect style.

How To Make… Matt Eyes Make-up Box

Essence - How To Make Matt Eyes Make-up Box

Nude and Matt – An absolute dream team! the make-up box is a true all-rounder: it contains six matt colours in various rosé/brown shades, a duo applicator and mirror as well as styling cards, which explain all of the necessary steps for different matt eye make-up looks. the soft texture with a strong colour dispersion is easy to blend and long-lasting.

How To Make… Bright Eyes Make-up Box

Essence - How To Make Bright Eyes Make-up Box 2

Big bright eyes! six eyeshadow colors including apricot, vanilla, rosé and iridescent grey create two different looks – one classic and fresh, the other glamorous. depending on the mood and the occasion, the how to make bright eyes make-up box offers the equipment for gorgeous “bright eyes” styles. the box also contains a styling card with step-by-step instructions on how to create the styles. including an eyeshadow applicator and mirror.


What are you looking forward to buying and trying?


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