TV: NEW SHOWS {Sep 2015}

  TV - Sep - All 4 + 8 Round

The Bastard Executioner

TV - Sep New - The Bastard Executioner

♦ About   The Bastard Executioner is a blood-soaked, medieval epic that tells the story of Wilkin Brattle, a 14th century warrior, whose life is forever changed when a divine messenger beseeches him to lay down his sword and lead the life of another man: a journeyman executioner. Set in northern Wales during a time rife with rebellion and political upheaval, Wilkin must walk a tight rope between protecting his true identity while also serving a mysterious destiny.

♦ Cast    Lee Jones as Wilkin Brattle, Stephen Moyer as Milus Corbett, Brían F. O’Byrne as Baron Ventris, Flora Spencer-Longhurst as Baroness Lowry “Love” Aberffraw Ventris
Kurt Sutter as The Dark Mute, Kyle Rees as Calo Caine, Sam Spruell as Toran Prichard, Katey Sagal as Annora of the Alders, Darren Evans as Ash y Goedwig, Danny Sapani as Berber the Moor, Timothy V. Murphy as Father Ruskin, Sarah White as Isabel Kiffin, Sarah Sweeny as Jessamy Maddox, Ethan Griffiths as Luca Maddox, Ross O’Hennessy as Locke, Alec Newman as Leon Tell

♦ Network   FX Network
♦ Date   15 Sep @ 22:00

Life in Pieces

♦ About    The story of one big happy family and their sometimes awkward, often hilarious and ultimately beautiful milestone moments as told by its various members. Of the three siblings, middle child Matt may have just found his true love, his co-worker, Colleen; his coddled youngest brother, Greg, and his wife, Jen, are overwhelmed by the birth of their first child; and the eldest, Heather, and her husband, Tim, are dreading their impending empty nest so much, they’re considering having another baby.
Their parents are Joan, the family’s adoring matriarch who would do anything for her kids – as long as she agrees with it – and John, the gregarious patriarch who’s searching for ways to soften the blow of turning 70. As the family’s lives unfold in four short stories each week, they try to savor these little pieces of time that flash by but stay with you forever, because these moments add up to what life’s all about.

♦ Cast    Dianne Wiest as Joan Short, married to John,  James Brolin as John Short, married to Joan, Zoe Lister-Jones as Jen, married to Greg, Colin Hanks as Greg Short, married to Jen, Angelique Cabral as Colleen, dating Matt, Thomas Sadoski as Matt Short, dating Colleen, Betsy Brandt as Heather, married to Tim, Dan Bakkedahl as Tim, married to Heather

♦ Network   CBS Network
♦ Date   21 Sep @ 20:30

Minority Report

TV - Sep New - Minority Report

♦ About   The future is coming. Based on the international blockbuster film by executive producer Steven Spielberg and the first of his films to be adapted for television, Minority Report follows the unlikely partnership between a man haunted by the future and a cop haunted by her past, as they race to stop the worst crimes of the year 2065 before they happen. Set in Washington, D.C., it is 10 years after the demise of Precrime, a law enforcement agency tasked with identifying and eliminating criminals… before their crimes were committed. To carry out this brand of justice, the agency used three precogs – ‘precognitives’ Dash, Arthur and Agatha – who were able to see the future.
Now, in 2065, crime-solving is different, and justice leans more on sophisticated and trusted technology than on the instincts of the precogs. Precog Dash – driven by his terrifying, but fragmented visions – now has returned in secret to help a brash, but shrewd police detective, Lara Vega, attempt to stop the murders that he predicts. As they navigate this future America, they will search for Dash’s missing twin brother, Arthur, and elude others who will stop at nothing to exploit their precog abilities. Also complicating matters is Dash and Arthur’s ingenious, but reclusive foster sister, who just wants Dash to return home

♦ Cast    Stark Sands as Dash, Meagan Good as Lara Vega, Nick Zano as Arthur, Laura Regan as Agatha, Wilmer Valderrama as Will Blake, Daniel London as Wally (The Caretaker), Li Jun Li as Akeela, Zhane Hall as Rico, Tina Lifford as Lily

♦ Network   FOX Network
♦ Date   21 Sep @ 21:00



TV - Sep New - Blindspot

♦ About   A vast international plot explodes when a beautiful Jane Doe is discovered naked in Times Square, completely covered in mysterious, intricate tattoos with no memory of who she is or how she got there. But there’s one tattoo that is impossible to miss: the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller, emblazoned across her back. “Jane”, Agent Weller and the rest of the FBI quickly realize that each mark on her body is a crime to solve, leading them closer to the truth about her identity and the mysteries to be revealed.

♦ Cast       Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller,FBI Agent, Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata, Rob Brown as Edgar Reed, Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Bethany Mayfair,Director of the FBI, Ukweli Roach as Dr. Borden, Ashley Johnson as Patterson

♦ Network   NBC Network
♦ Date   21 Sep @ 22:00


Scream Queens

TV - Sep New - Scream Queens

♦ About    The girls of Kappa House are dying for new pledges. Wallace University is rocked by a string of murders. Kappa House, the most sought-after sorority for pledges, is ruled with an iron fist (in a pink glove) by its Queen Bitch, Chanel Oberlin. When anti-Kappa Dean Munsch decrees that sorority pledging must be open to all students, and not just the school’s silver-spooned elite, all hell is about to break loose, as a devil-clad killer begins wreaking havoc, claiming one victim, one episode at a time. Part black comedy, part slasher flick, Scream Queens is a modern take on the classic whodunit, in which every character has a motive for murder… or could easily be the next blood-soaked casualty.

♦ Cast    Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin; the president of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority, Jamie Lee Curtis as Cathy Munsch; the dean of the university, Lea Michele as Hester “Neckbrace”; a girl with scoliosis, a Kappa pledge, Abigail Breslin as Chanel #5; a member of Kappa and one of Chanel’s henchwomen, Nasim Pedrad as Gigi; the sorority chief
Oliver Hudson as Wes Gardener; Grace’s father, Skyler Samuels as Grace Gardener; a Kappa pledge, Keke Palmer as Zayday Williams; a girl with a genius IQ and a Kappa pledge, Billie Lourd as Chanel #3; a member of Kappa and one of Chanel’s henchwomen, Diego Boneta as Pete; the university’s newspaper editor and Grace’s love interest, Glen Powell as Chad; Chanel’s boyfriend and a member of the Dollar Scholars fraternity, Lucien Laviscount as Earl Grey, Niecy Nash as Denise; the worst security guard but is determined to protect Kappa Kappa Tau, Nick Jonas as Boone; a member of the Dollar Scholars, Ariana Grande as Chanel #2; a member of Kappa and one of Chanel’s henchwomen

♦ Network   FOX Network
♦ Date   22 Sep @ 21:00


TV - Sep New - Limitless

♦ About   Brian Finch discovers the brain-boosting power of the mysterious drug NZT and is coerced by the FBI into using his extraordinary cognitive abilities to solve complex cases for them. Working closely with Brian is Special Agent Rebecca Harris, a formidable investigator with a dark past, and Special Agent Boyle, a former military officer and Rebecca’s confidante. They report to Special Agent in Charge Nasreen “Naz” Pouran, a canny manipulator of the reins of power. Unbeknownst to the FBI, Brian also has a clandestine relationship with Senator Edward Mora, a presidential hopeful and regular user of NZT who has plans of his own for his new protégé. Fueled now with a steady supply of NZT that enables him to use 100% of his brain capacity, Brian is more effective than all of the FBI agents combined, making him a criminal’s worst nightmare and the greatest asset the Bureau has ever possessed.

♦ Cast    Jake McDorman as Brian Finch, Jennifer Carpenter as Rebecca Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Nasreen “Naz” Pouran, Hill Harper as Spellman Boyle, Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra, the original main character from the film, Colin Salmon as Jared Sands, a former intelligence officer who now works as a fixer for Morra

♦ Network   CBS Network
♦ Date   22 Sep @ 22:00


TV - Sep New - Rosewood

♦ About   Meet the Beethoven of private pathologists… Rosewood is the story of DR. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., the most brilliant private pathologist in Miami. Using his wildly sophisticated autopsy lab, he performs for-hire autopsies to uncover clues that the Miami PD can’t see. His new partner-in-crime is Detective Villa, a Miami PD detective with attitude and demons to spare. While she’s impressed by Rosewood’s incredible abilities, his constant optimism is more annoying than it is infectious. But somehow, week-to-week, this unlikely tag team will solve many crimes together. Joining Rosewood in his practice are his sister and ‘toxicology queen’, Pippy; and DNA specialist Tara Milly Izikoff aka TMI, who is Pippy’s fiancée. Plagued with his own set of medical ailments, Rosewood sees that every moment of life should be embraced and lived to the fullest. And those moments of victims’ lives that will never be are what drive him the most.

♦ Cast    Morris Chestnut as Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr, Jaina Lee Ortiz as Det. Annalise Villa, Gabrielle Dennis as Pippy, Clancy Brown as Dr. Grayson, Anna Konkle as Kathy Fern Clyde, Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Bella, Lorraine Toussaint as Donna Rosewood, the titular character’s mother, Nicole Ari Parker as Kat Crawford

♦ Network   FX Network
♦ Date   23 Sep @ 20:00

Heroes Reborn

TV - Sep New - Heroes Reborn

♦ About   The phenomenon begins again with a fresh crop of inspiring heroes who take on the ultimate struggle between those with extraordinary abilities and those with nefarious motives to hunt and harness their powers. Epic adventures await these newly empowered allies as they cross paths with some of the original characters (such as the beloved ‘HRG’ and fan-favorite time-traveler Hiro Nakamura), unlocking the mysterious fate of the universe and their place within it.

♦ Cast    Jack Coleman as Noah Bennet, Gatlin Green as Emily, Ryan Guzman as Carlos, Robbie Kay as Tommy Clark, Rya Kihlstedt as Erica, Zachary Levi as Luke Collins
Judith Shekoni as Joanne, Kiki Sukezane as Miko Otomo, Danika Yarosh as Malina, Henry Zebrowski as Quentin Frady

♦ Network   FX Network
♦ Date   24 Sep @ 20:00

The Player

TV - Sep New - The Player

♦ About   The Player is a high-octane thriller about a former intelligence officer who, while working as a security expert for the wealthy, is wrongly accused of the brutal murder of his wife. A syndicate of powerful people offers him freedom in exchange for stopping high-stakes crimes, as he continues to avenge his wife’s death and uncover the game-like conspiracy among his mysterious employers. He eventually realizes he’s a player in a hundred-year-old tradition where the rich and powerful bet on the ultimate “game”: crime in our world.

♦ Cast    Wesley Snipes as Mr. Johnson, a mysterious pit boss, Philip Winchester as Alex Kane, “The Player”, Charity Wakefield as Cassandra King, the dealer, Damon Gupton as Detective Cal Brown, Nick Wechsler as Nick, the good, moral boyfriend of Cassandra, Cara Buono as Ginny, Alex’s wife

♦ Network   NBC Network
♦ Date   24 Sep @ 22:00

Blood and Oil

Blood and Oil - S1 - Logo 2

♦ About   Billy and Cody Lefever dream of a new life beyond their working class roots and move to “The Bakken” in North Dakota, booming after the biggest oil discovery in American history. They’re soon pitted against a ruthless tycoon who forces them to bet big and put everything on the line, including their marriage.

♦ Cast    Don Johnson as Hap Briggs, Amber Valletta as Carla Briggs, Chace Crawford as Billy LeFever, Rebecca Rittenhouse as Cody LeFever, Scott Michael Foster as Wick Briggs, Miranda Rae Mayo as Lacey Briggs, India de Beaufort as Jules Jackman, Adan Canto as A.J. Menendez, Delroy Lindo as Tip Harrison

♦ Network   ABC Network
♦ Date   27 Sep @ 21:00


TV - Sep New - Quantico

♦ About   A diverse group of recruits has arrived at the FBI Quantico Base for training. They are the best, the brightest and the most vetted, so it seems impossible that one of them is suspected of masterminding the biggest attack on New York City since 9/11. As we intercut between their hidden pasts and their present training, we also flash-forward to the near future, where one of the recruits will turn out to be a sleeper terrorist.

♦ Cast    Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish, Jake McLaughlin as Ryan Booth, Aunjanue Ellis as Miranda Shaw, Yasmine Al Masri as Nimah Anwar, Johanna Braddy as Shelby Wyatt, Tate Ellington as Simon Asher, Graham Rogers as Caleb Haas, Josh Hopkins as FBI Special Agent Liam O’Connor

♦ Network   ABC Network
♦ Date   27 Sep @ 22:00


TV - Sep New - Grandfathered

♦ About   What’s the fastest way to put the brakes on a cruise-controlled bachelor lifestyle? Fatherhood? Guess again. Successful restaurateur and man-about-town Jimmy Martino is used to being the most suave, most handsome and most single person in the room. All that changes with the surprise appearance of Jimmy’s adult son, Gerald, and his baby daughter, Edie. Now Jimmy has to unlearn a lifetime of blissful selfishness and grapple with the fact that he went straight from single to grandfather in six seconds flat. Keeping tabs on Jimmy is Gerald’s mother and Jimmy’s former girlfriend, rocker chick-turned-mother Sara. Equally concerned about how Jimmy will manage these new developments is Jimmy’s restaurant family, especially assistant manager Annelise and chef Ken. Can Jimmy teach Gerald to be a little more like him in order to win the affection of Edie’s hot mess of a mom, Vanessa? Will Jimmy and Sara fall for each other all over again, even though she’s the one thing he never dates – a woman his own age? And who’s higher maintenance, Jimmy or the baby?

♦ Cast    John Stamos as Jimmy Martino, Josh Peck as Gerald, Paget Brewster as Sara, Christina Milian as Vanessa, Kelly Jenrette as Annelise, Ravi Patel as Ken

♦ Network   FOX Network
♦ Date   29 Sep @ 20:00

The Grinder

TV - Sep New - The Grinder

♦ About   How many TV lawyers does it take to try a real-life case in a real-life courtroom? The Grinder is a new comedy about a famous TV lawyer at a crossroads. When his legal series ends, he decides to move back home and join his family’s real law firm – despite having no formal education, no bar certification, no license to practice and no experience in an actual courtroom. Dean Sanderson spent eight seasons playing the title role on the hit legal drama ‘The Grinder’. Now he’s moving back to his hometown of Boise, Idaho, where his brother, Stewart, is a real-life attorney who is poised to take over the family law firm. It doesn’t take long for Dean to start injecting his TV drama into every aspect of Stewart’s life, both in the courtroom and at home, impacting Stewart’s wife – and Dean’s high school sweetheart – Debbie; their two kids, 15-year-old Lizzie and 13-year-old Ethan; and Dean and Stewart’s father, the law firm’s head, Dean Sr. Dean and Stewart don’t see to eye to eye, but when they stop arguing with each other and start arguing together in court… they make a formidable team.

♦ Cast    Rob Lowe as Dean Sanderson, Jr , Fred Savage as Stewart Sanderson, Dean’s brother and real-life attorney, Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Debbie Sanderson, Stewart’s wife and and Dean’s former high school sweetheart, William Devane as Dean Sanderson, Sr., Dean and Stewart’s father and head of the law firm, Natalie Morales as Claire, Hana Hayes as Lizzie Sanderson, Stewart and Debbie’s 15-year-old daughter, Connor Kalopsis as Ethan Sanderson, Stewart and Debbie’s 13-year-old son

♦ Network   FOX Network
♦ Date   29 Sep @ 20:30

Code Black

TV - Sep New - Code Black

♦ About   In the busiest, most notorious ER in the nation the staggering influx of patients can outweigh the limited resources available to the extraordinary doctors and nurses whose job is to treat them all – creating a condition known as Code Black. At the heart of the ER’s controlled chaos is Residency Director Dr. Leanne Rorish, renowned for successfully performing high-risk procedures in Center Stage, the trauma area reserved for the most critical cases. Her four new first-year residents are Christa Lorenson, Malaya Pineda, Mario Savetti and Angus Leighton. Leanne’s confidante, Jesse Sallander, is an amiable seen-it-all senior nurse who manages the residents. Also working in the ER is Dr. Neal Hudson, an excellent physician who sometimes disagrees with Leanne’s ‘cowboy’ approach, and Dr. Rollie Guthrie, the energetic, longest-serving attending. In Center Stage, life is measured in seconds, and these heroic doctors and nurses operate with speed and skill within an overwhelmed system to treat the crowds of people who are often there for one of two reasons: to die or to receive a life-saving miracle.

♦ Cast    Marcia Gay Harden as Dr. Leanne Rorish, ER Residency Director, Luis Guzman as Jesse Salander, a senior nurse who manages the residents, Raza Jaffrey as Dr. Neal Hudson, Benjamin Hollingsworth as Mario Savetti, a first-year resident, Bonnie Somerville as Christa Lorenson, a first-year resident, Melanie Chandra as Malaya Pineda, a first-year resident, Harry Ford as Angus Leighton, a first-year resident

♦ Network   CBS Network
♦ Date   30 Sep @ 22:00

Will you be watching any of these shows ?



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