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The Season 3 Finale of Mistresses aired last night


“Goodbye Girl”

Now that Calista has confessed to Luca’s murder, Joss is released from prison. Harry is there waiting for her on the outside. A short time later, Ari sends a text. It’s about the upcoming projects Harry has lined up with Rocco DiSpirito. Joss is thrilled to hear all this. As for Harry, he’s honest and charming during his interview with Rocco. He’s shocked to learn that the job he’s up for takes place in Europe.

Joss receives a gift basket from Calista. It totally freaks her out. She believes Calista is taunting her. She asks David to get a restraining order. Back at home, Harry says he doesn’t want to take a job that would take him away from the woman he loves. Joss assures him they can survive a long distance relationship. Ari lets Harry know he got the job. He must leave immediately. He wants Joss to come with him.

Vivian’s collapse was due to a failing liver. Alec is furious at Karen when he learns that she knew his wife was sick again. He bans her from the hospital room. Karen makes her way to see Vivian anyway. Things take a bad turn. Vivian is crashing. Karen is desperate to find Alec. He’s nowhere to be found. Vivian’s organs are shutting down. It’s time for her loved ones to say goodbye.

Karen finds a disheveled Alec in his office frantically searching for a way to save his wife. She convinces him to come say goodbye. Vivian asks the nurse to video a message to the unborn baby. She has Alec and Karen by her side as she does this. It’s a loving, heartbreaking moment. Later, Karen lets Vivian know how much she means to her just before she passes away.

April, Lucy and Marc give Scotty a heartfelt goodbye. He’s off to live in Las Vegas with his mom and her soon-to-be husband, Ron. Miranda thanks April for all that she’s done. She also clues her in on the fact that her brother is in love with her. That’s why he didn’t tell her he fell off the wagon. April is stunned. As for Marc, he tells Harry it’s time for him to move on. He’s leaving L.A.

After going on and on about Marc to Joss, April realizes that she’s crazy about him. All efforts to find him come up empty. Fortunately, Marc shows up right outside April’s door. He sold his RV. He figures it’s time to put down roots. Marc admits that he loves April. She admits that she was coming to find him. The two of them share a kiss.

After Joss receives a text message from Calista, she visits the prison. She wants her to stop contacting her. Calista is confused. She hasn’t been sending her gifts or messages. Perhaps it’s the real killer taunting her. Joss realizes that Calista confessed so she could go free. She also knows she was telling the truth about her not being the one who sent her the gift basket and the text.

Joss is rushing to meet up with Harry as the two of them get ready to leave for Europe. She can’t go without determining the truth behind what’s happening with Calista, who is planning to hang herself in prison. Harry has no choice but to get on the plane without Joss, who finds herself at Calista’s place. She’s not alone. From out of the shadows, dressed in an outfit that makes him look a lot like Calista, steps Wilson. He has a drink in one hand and a loaded gun in the other.

*** No News on whether Mistresses has been renewed for another season  ***


What did you think of the Season Finale ?



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