TV: Reign – Season 3 Starts {Promo}

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Hi Everyone

The CW network’s Romantic Historial Fantasy Drama returns tonight for its Third Season


“Three Queens, Two Tigers”

⇒ LAST SEASON    Mary’s going to Louis is a ruse; she has Greer’s prostitutes poison Louis’ soldiers, and stabs Louis in the stomach. Francis rides out with his soldiers to capture Louis and clear the rest of Louis’ scattered army, ending the coup. Catherine wants Louis to be executed but Francis refuses, not wanting to make Louis a Protestant martyr. Frustrated, Catherine has Lola kidnapped and her son seemingly murdered, so to frame Louis. Louis is to be executed but escapes thanks to Elizabeth’s agents. Narcisse uncovers Catherine’s plot and saves Lola and her son; Francis is angered at his mother’s actions and has Catherine exiled from court. Renaude is executed for treason against Francis, and before he dies he warns Kenna that Elizabeth’s vendetta against Mary is personal, and she will never stop. Kenna tries to reconcile with Bash, but is rejected when Bash learns that Kenna is pregnant with Renaude’s child. Kenna leaves court to have her child outside France, and on her journey meets the young King of Imereti. Mary and Francis renew their relationship and have sex. Afterward, Francis meets Nostradamus, whom he has been seeing in secret, and confesses his hope that Mary is pregnant with a child that will protect her. Nostradamus has been giving Francis medicine; Francis is still sick and knows he’ll die soon. Delphine is blamed for the presence of a “monster” in the castle, and she’s arrested after being found with the bloodied corpse of the servant she had sex with. Bash learns that his and Delphine’s souls are bound together due to the ritual Delphine performed. Delphine is tied to a burning stake for her execution; she escapes, but Bash briefly feels the pain of the fire. Catherine blames Mary for her situation and travels to England, where she offers Queen Elizabeth her help in destroying Mary for good

Reign S3

⇒ NEW SEASON   Only one Queen will Reign. Queen Mary struggles to hold on to her power in Scotland amidst Queen Elizabeth’s campaign to sabotage her with the help of a new ally in Queen Catherine. Meanwhile, with Francis’ fate at odds and Elizabeth distracted by temptation in her first love, Robert Dudley, both queens struggle to rule.





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