TV: Flesh & Bone – Season 1 Starts {Premiere}

Flesh and Bone 1

Hi Everyone

Starz’s new dark drama airs its Season 1 Premiere tonight


“Bulling Through”

♦ NETWORK    Starz Network

♦ ABOUT       Described as a dark and gritty exploration of the dysfunction and glamour of the ballet world, “Flesh And Bone” follows a young ballet dancer, Claire, who has a distinctly troubled past, as she joins a prestigious ballet company in New York.

♦ CAST    Sarah Hay as Claire Robins, a ballet dancer with a troubled past, Ben Daniels as Paul Grayson, an Artistic Director of the American Ballet Company, Emily Tyra as Mia Bialy, Claire’s roommate, Irina Dvorovenko as Kiira, a prima ballerina, Damon Herriman as Romeo, a homeless guy, Josh Helman as Bryan Robbins, Claire’s brother and former marine, Raychel Diane Weiner as Daphne Kensington, an ambitious New Yorker from a privileged background, Sascha Radetsky as Ross, a principal dancer, Karell Williams as Trey, a gay ballet dancer, Marina Benedict as Toni Cannava, Tovah Feldshuh as Ivana, John Allee as Pasha, Vanessa Aspillaga as Monica, the Assistant Company Manager of the American Ballet Company, Carling Talcott as Ashley



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