TV: Reign – Season 3 {Mid Season Finale}

Reign Logo 1

Hi All

The Mid Season Finale of Reign aired last night


“The Hound and the Hare”

Catherine believes that Narcisse will help her become regent, especially when he makes her promise to leave her servant lover, Christopher, for him. However on the day of the vote, Cardinal Morel declares that Francis might have been poisoned, and Catherine might be responsible. Narcisse, with the council’s support, is declared regent instead.

Bash and Delphine expect the killer they’re investigating to attack Greer next, but the killer attacks Delphine instead. Delphine is spared when she temporarily absorbs the killer’s murderous instinct, but is unable to identify the man.

Mary and Don Carlos are close to agreeing to an engagement, but are stalled by Gideon Blackburn, who claims that Don Carlos has a “dark secret”. Upon investigation, Mary learns that Don Carlos is a masochist who desires to be flogged.

Mary is reluctant, but she and Catherine stage a secret flogging session for Don Carlos which ends badly — Don Carlos falls and cracks his skull, but survives and wanders out of the room.

*** The 2nd Half of Reign Season 3 Returns 08 January 2016 ***





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