Hi Everyone

Today i’ll be showing you how i swatch and label my nail swatch sticks that i got my @BrushShop_za who you can find on instagram, They sell the most amazing makeup brushes and these nail swatch sticks.


โ™ฅ STEP 1ย  ย  Take off how ever many swatch sticks you need


โ™ฅ STEP 2ย ย  ย I use a white base before i start swatching. I use Essie Blanc


โ™ฅ STEP 3ย  ย  The white base is done. I give them time to dry before i do the colours next


โ™ฅ STEP 4ย  ย  Choose the colours you want to swatch


โ™ฅ STEP 5ย  ย  You can either do 1 or 2 coats depending on the opacity and coverage.


โ™ฅ STEP 6ย  ย  Print and Cut out your labels


โ™ฅ STEP 7ย  ย  I first numbered my swatch sticks as i didnt have my labels printed out.ย The sellotape i used was thicker than the swatch sticks so they fold over and cover properly.


โ™ฅ STEP 8ย  ย  Labels on and my numbers rubbed off. ย I topped most of mine (except the matte one’s) with a top coat, I use either Morgan Taylor or Essie

How do you keep track of all your nail polish and how do you label ?


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