TV: Chicago Fire – Season 4 Returns {Promo}

Chicago Fire 1

Hi Everyone

Chicago Fire returns tonight for the 2nd half of Season 4

“The Beating Heart” is part one of a crossover with Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. where a woman pulled from a burning building is discovered to have been overdosed with chemotherepy


“The Beating Heart”

♥ MID SEASON FINALE   After Boden’s recent arrest, Riddle makes Patterson the new chief at 51. A video of Dawson exchanging heated words with a bystander goes viral, and is traced back to Roger Maddox, the real estate developer and focus of the arson case. Dawson is the latest target of Maddox’s smear campaign – which now includes Boden, as well as Duffy and Suzie from Arson. Severide’s lawyer friend, Jamie, has a change of heart and provides him with a tip to the location of Boden’s mystery accuser. With the help of Chicago P.D. and the Intelligence unit, the mystery woman is found, and she confesses to falsifying the claims against Boden. Maddox, confronted with the evidence, cops a plea and all charges against Boden are dropped. Patterson, having seen 51 rally around Boden, decides on a transfer to a different firehouse, and Boden is reinstated as chief. Severide is also reinstated as a lieutenant. Chili and Borrelli are busted by Patterson, after he catches the two of them in the firehouse shower. In one of Patterson’s last moves as chief, he tells Cruz that his friend Freddie is no longer welcome at 51. Herrmann then offers Freddie a job as a busboy at Molly’s. In a shocking cliffhanger, Freddie stabs Herrmann after he feels insulted. Herrmann collapses, and Freddie flees into the night.

Members of Firehouse 51 band together and anxiously await word at Chicago Med when one of their own falls victim to a life-threatening stabbing. Cruz urgently works with members of Chicago P.D. to track down Freddie’s whereabouts when he goes missing. Dr. Choi and Dr. Halstead tend to an attempted suicide victim whose condition raises some eyebrows. Meanwhile, Mouch surprises Trudy and Chili’s odd behavior has Brett and Jimmy worried.




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