TV: Chicago PD – Season 3 Returns {Promo}


Chicago PD Logo 1

Hi Everyone

Chicago PD returns tonight for the 2nd half of Season 3

“Now I’m God” is the conclusion of a crossover with Chicago Fire and Chicago Med where a woman pulled from a fire is discovered to have been overdosed with chemotherapy


“Now I’m God”

♥ MID SEASON FINALE   When the decapitated body of a woman found in Lake Michigan is connected to Voight’s social circle, Lindsay fears his relationship with the group may hinder his ability to approach the case objectively.The body is a stripper and later revealed that the victim was pregnant and it is suspected that the killer was the father of the child. Roman is having a hard time coping with recent events and an error in judgment causes him to make a grave mistake and feel guilty. Olinsky becomes upset when Antonio doesn’t consultant him before making a decision that could affect Michelle’s future.

RETURNING EPISODE   A doctor with personal connections to Voight is under investigation when four of his patients are committed to Chicago Med after an overdose of chemo. The doctor denies Lindsey and Halstead access to his files, but after obtaining a warrant the team is able to track down his patients and discover all of them have been poisoned with unnecessary chemo. Meanwhile, Burgess and Platt work together to clear Roman’s name.




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