♥ CATRICE ♥ New Products of 2016 – Eyes

Catrice - New - 2016 - Eyes All

Hi Everyone

I am so excited for the new products to be released in South Africa, especially the Soft Metal Eyeshadow Palette, the Stylo Eyeshadow Pens and the Brow Lifter & Highlighter



Catrice - New - 2016 - Absolute Eye Colour Mono - Both♥ Absolute Eye Colour Mono   A diverse colour spectrum, long durability, high coverage and various effects in matt, shimmering or pearly – united in the Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadows. Inspired by the looks at the international fashion shows, the Eyeshadows are available in various nuances ranging from soft nudes to bold shades for a bright and colour-intensive finish

  • 970  Peachahontas  (matte)
  • 980  The Big Blue Theory  (shimmer)

These colours join 24 others

Catrice - New - 2016 - Glam Fusion Powder To Gel Eyeshadow - All

♥ Glam Fusion Powder To Gel Eyeshadow   Thanks to the innovative hybrid-technology “Powder To Gel”, the ultra-soft powder eyeshadow turn into a gel-like texture upon contact with the skin. The result: unique colours, elegant shine effects and a look that can be intensified with repeated application  –  NEW

  • 010 Jon Snows Favorite
  • 020 To Be ContiNUDEd
  • 030 Lucy Blue
  •  040 Instaglam
  • 050 #Ashtag
  • 060 Let‘s Go Browntown

Catrice - New - 2016 - Highlighting Eyeshadow All

♥ Highlighting Eyeshadow   This eyeshadow captures the light and sets gentle highlights on the entire eyelid, the inner corners of the eye and directly beneath the brow. The creamy powder texture is easy to apply and ensures gorgeous highlights and luminosity  –  NEW

  • 010 Turn The High Lights On!
  • 020 Rosefeller Center
  • 030 1001 Golden Nights

Catrice - New - 2016 - Eyeshadow Palettes 1

♥ Denim Greys Eyeshadow Palette (010 Deminem)   The enduring trend denim is the winner in the category casual lifestyle. Now Denim Greys are also available for the eyes. The palette with six harmonising shades and an integrated duo-applicator allows you to create diverse looks with satin-matt and metallic effects. The textures are smooth and supple, and come in convincing colours ranging from light Acid Wash to dark Denim to Anthracite.

♥ Sand Nudes Eyeshadow Palette  (010 Hug S´and Kisses)   The fine, light sand of the Caribbean, the red dunes of the Sahara and the dark sandy beaches of Guatemala: six perfectly aligned shades in warm nude and sand nuances leave nothing to be desired. The silky textures have a convincing high coverage and offer shimmering as well as matt effects that can be mixed and matched to create the desired look. Thanks to the integrated duo-applicator, it’s a must-have for on-the-go, too.

♥ Soft Metal Eyeshadow Palette   (010 Metal´morphosis)   The perfect Soft Metal Look with six complementary nude shades ranging from soft champagne rosé to warm brown tones to intensive aubergine. The silky textures with a high coverage create an absolutely unique, strong metallic finish. The practical duo-applicator rounds off the overall concept.

These 3 new eyeshadow palettes join:  Absolute Nude, Matt, Rose, Bright and Chocolate Nudes

Catrice - New - 2016 - Stylo Eyeshadow Pen - All

♥ Stylo Eyeshadow Pen   Colour, shine and durability: this Eyeshadow Pen comes in an elegant pen-shape and unites all of these benefits in one, making it the ideal companion for on-the-go. It’s easy to apply the creamy texture with the rounded tip and the coverage can be intensified layer by layer.  –  NEW

  • 020 G’Old Mc Donald
  • 030 Copper And Paste
  • 040 Brown To Earth
  • 050 51 Shades Of Grey
  • 060 In The Taupe Ten




Catrice - New - 2015 - Eyeliners

♥ Kohl Kajal Eyeliner  (in 220 Grey-Z)   Makes a true statement with Smokey Eyes in lots of amazing color effects – sometimes soft and shimmering or metallic, sometimes glossy or velvety – anything goes!  –  This colour joins 8 others

♥ Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof  (in 120 A Beautiful Mint)   Long-lasting and waterproof. Highly pigmented, colour intense and with different effects, the Long Lasting Eye Pencil Waterproof is sure to make the eyes stand out from the crowd. Its smooth texture is particularly simple and accurate to apply. Automatic pencil with a twist mechanism for the mine, includes a sharpener at the end of the pencil.  –  This colour joins 8 others

♥ Velvet Matt Smokey Eyes Pencil  (in 040 Steel The Show)   Dark and mysterious, Smokey Eyes have a special power of attraction. These eye pencils with an integrated brush applicator create various styles. Just apply the smooth and supple texture to the eyelids and blend easily with the brush.  –  This colour joins 3 others

Catrice - New - 2016 - Smokey Matt Powder Liner Pic 2

♥ Smokey Matt Powder Liner  (in 010 Smokey Black)   The Kohl Kajal has been used as a beauty product for around 4,000 years. Now this classic is getting an innovative upgrade. The loose, black powder texture can be applied as an eyeliner easily and accurately thanks to the soft sponge applicator. The result: gorgeous, dramatic Smokey Eyes!  –  NEW




Catrice - New - 2016 - Mascaras All

♥ 3D Lash Multimizer Effect Mascara   Multimize Eye Effect. Full, beautifully defined fanned-out lashes are easy to achieve with the 3D Lash Multimizer Effect Mascara. The elastomer brush with the deep-black texture provides intensive, three-dimensional volume for a sensational multiplication effect.  –  NEW

  • 010 Ultra Black
  • 010 Black Waterproof

♥ Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara   There’s an addition to the successful Glam & Doll family. The mascara scores points with its curved elastomer brush, which reaches each individual lash and covers it with deep-black texture in just one application. The volume formula amplifies the lashes – for effective, dramatic results.  –  This joins 3 others (Volume, Curl & Volume and Volume Waterproof)

  • 010 Black

♥ Speedstar Ultra Volume Mascara Ultra Black   Voluminous and dramatic lashes in record time – not a problem with the Speedstar Ultra Volume Mascara. Its formula for success: the combination of a volume texture and v-shaped fibre brush. Each individual lash is covered in deep-black ultra fast and is provided with unique volume.  –  NEW

  • 010 Ultra Black
  • 010 Black Waterproof




Catrice - New - 2016 - Brow Lifter & Highlighter

♥ Brow Lifter & Highlighter    The perfect duo for the area around the eyes: the matt highlighter is applied beneath the brow to visibly lift it while the shimmering highlighter is applied to the waterline and the inner corners of the eyes to make them pop. Professional 2in1 product for perfect results.   –  NEW


Catrice - New - 2016 - Eyebrows All

♥ Velvet Brow Powder Artist    An innovative eyebrow pen for full, defined brows. The flexible sponge applicator visibly fills in small gaps in the eyebrow arch with its velvety-soft texture while the integrated brush shapes the brows in a flash. Practical: the texture of this 2in1 product is inside the cap, which means that there’s no need to sharpen the Velvet Brow Powder Artist.  –  NEW

  • 010 Blond Brows Are A Girl’s Best Friend
  • 020 Brow fASHionista
  • 030 Dark Brow(n) Is The New Black


What are you most excited about?


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