♥ CATRICE ♥ New Products of 2016 – Nails

Catrice - New - 2016 - Nails All

Hi Everyone

I am so excited for the new products to be released in South Africa, especially the Luxury Nudes Moire Shine & Sheer colours and the Matt & More Top Coat.



Catrice - New - 2016 - Noir Noir Base Coat

♥ Noir Noir Base Coat    Applied underneath colour nail polish, the matt-black Base Coat ensures extra depth. The formula is fast-drying and is enriched with a volcanic stone extract that has a strengthening effect to make the manicure last longer. For trendy, matt-black nails, simply apply the high-coverage Noir Base Coat solo without adding another layer of colour nail polish. Posh Black!

Joins the Colour Brightening and Effect Boosting Base Coats



Catrice - New - 2016 - Glossy Nail Glow

♥ Glossy Nail Glow   The Glossy Nail Glow revives and intensifies the natural colour of the nail with just one application. The gel-like texture with a subtle hint of pink provides the nails with a healthy look with a high-shine gel-like finish. Fast-drying and longlasting. The intensity of the colour can be intensified with repeated application. Nail beautifier!

Catrice - New - 2016 - Luxury Nudes Nails - All

♥ Luxury Nudes – Moire Shine   The nude colour range is the conspicuously inconspicuous favourite amongst designers. So it’s time to bring the trend of the season to your nails. The Luxury Nudes by CATRICE are a new generation of nude polishes with high coverage. Look forward to elegant, natural results with pearly or satin effects.

  • 11 Hidden & Forbidden Rose
  • 12 Caramel Confession

These 2 join 8 other Luxury Nudes colours
(Soft Matt – 01 White & Bright, 02 Fresh Love Affair, 04 Your Fresh Apri-Coat, 05 To The Nude Mood and 08 Little Dose of Rose)
(Satin Shine – 06 Magical Nude, 07 Delight In Pure Light, 09 Dreamin’ Bohemian and 10 Lily from Piccadily)
(Top Coat – 03 Way Too Beautiful)

Catrice - New - 2016 - Luxury Sheers Nails - All

♥ Luxury Sheers   Brilliant, multidimensional and multifaceted. The Luxury Sheers effect nail polishes create extraordinary, high-shine and light-reflecting results on the nails. Apply twice for higher coverage and stronger effects.

  • 01 My Way to Milky Way
  • 02 The ChampagneION
  • 03 Marian’s Favourite
  • 04 Pink Love Affair
  • 05 Miss-Terious Lilac
  • 06 TwHighlight

Catrice - New - 2016 - Ultimate Nail Lacquer - Main All

♥ Ultimate Nail Lacquer   The Ultimate Nail Lacquers is extremely convincing with a high-shine finish, perfect coverage and ultra-long durability. Free of formaldehyde, toluene or phthalates.

  • 104 Klarlack
  • 105 Go For Gold!
  • 106 SUNdra
  • 107 Robinson Coralsoe
  • 108 The Very Berry Best
  • 109 ¡Qué linda!
  • 110 Orange County
  • 111 A Crush On Blush
  • 112 Cha-KIRA
  • 113 You R On My Mint
  • 114 The Sky So Fly
  • 115 Summer Nights’ Sky
  • 116 GREYzy In Love
  • 117 Mauve To The Beat

These 14 new nail colours join many others




Catrice - New - 2016 - Gel Like 2in1 Base & Top Coat

♥ Gel Like 2in1 Base & Top Coat   The Gel Like 2in1 Base & Top Coat unites the protective properties of a base coat with the shiny finish of a top coat. The formula is longlasting, fast-drying, fills ridges and creates a smooth nail structure. At the same time, this practical 2in1 product acts as a protective shield, prevents discolorations and extends the durability of colour nail polish

Catrice - New - 2016 - Matt & More Top Coat

♥ Matt & More Top Coat   The innovative Matt & More Top Coat for matt brilliance – with just one application. Enriched with pink pearl, this Top Coat creates a unique, satin-matt finish on colour nail polish. The formula is longlasting, fast-drying and seals any colour nail polish. More than just matt: 3D matt





Catrice - New - 2016 - 9in1 Nail Elixir

♥ 9 in 1 Nail Elixir   The 9 in 1 Elixir contains nine selected ingredients with caring properties: vitamin A + E, pro-vitamin B5, jojoba and grape seed oil, aloe vera extract, lemon oil, camellia oil and sunflower seed oil. Can be worn alone for beautifully groomed looking nails or applied as a Base Coat to offer nine instant effects for the nails: it is fast-drying, strengthening, prevents discolorations and chipping, seals, fills ridges, revives the healthy shine of the natural nail and offers protection.


Catrice - New - 2016 - Wellnails 3in1 Nail Polish Remover Pads

♥ Wellnails 3 in 1 Nail Polish Remover Pads   The Wellnails range opens the spa season for stressed nails! With the 3in1 Nail Polish Remover Pads, it offers the ideal product to prepare the nails for a manicure as well as for removing nail polish gently and effectively. The acetone-free formula is enriched with panthenol as well as vitamin E, leaving the nails feeling wonderfully pampered. Also a practical, high-performance product for travelling. With a fruity-fresh apricot fragrance.

Catrice - New - 2016 - Wellnails Regenerating Base Coat

♥ Wellnails Regenerating Base Coat   Stressed nails are now a thing of the past – here comes the perfect preparation for a beautiful manicure with the Wellnails Regenerating Base Coat. The Base Coat is gentle on the nails thanks to its innovative, water-based formula with a protein complex. The Base Coat layer offers effective protection, fills ridges and lets the nails shine with a healthy look. The perfect basis for the natural regeneration of nails and a gentle manicure. Can be applied solo or as a Base Coat underneath colour nail polish.

What are you most excited about?


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