TV: Suits – Season 5 Returns {Promo}


Hi Everyone

Suits returns tonight for the 2nd half of Season 5



⇒ Last Episode    The episode starts with a flashback to Harvey’s past where he sees his mother cheating on his father with his father’s friend. He goes to one of his father’s musical performances so that he can tell him everything, but he ultimately changes his mind because his father tells him that he’s coming home. In the present day, Harvey is retelling this story to Dr. Agard. Another flashback to Mike’s past shows his reaction and grief the day he found out his parents died. Under the care of his grandmother, he goes to Catholic school at the church where his parents regularly donated money. The priest, Father Walker is shown trying to help Mike through his troubles, but Mike is defiant. In the present day, Mike visits Father Walker, after learning that Trevor also went to the priest for guidance. Meanwhile, Hardman threatens to obtain and gut Louis’ sister’s company unless he agrees to vote against retaining Jessica as managing partner. In the end, Harvey cuts a deal with Forstman to resign, and reveals the news to the senior partners that Hardman’s backer was a man in prison. All of the partners – with the exception of Soloff – vote to keep Jessica. Mike decides to resign from the firm, too, thanking Harvey for giving him a family, but saying he will soon have his own family and he doesn’t want his secret to threaten that. Just as Mike is about to leave the firm with Rachel, two agents arrive and arrest him for conspiracy to commit fraud.

Suits - S5 - E11 - Pic 1

⇒ Info   Mike is under investigation by a ruthless government prosecutor; Jessica and Harvey must figure out how to build a defense for Mike, knowing full well that he’s guilty of the crime for which he stands accused



I am so happy Suits is back, its one of my favourite tv shows !



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