💗 BEAUTY BUZZ 💗 Foundation Sponges

Sponge Row 3

Hi Everyone

I have been wanting to do this post like this for ages now but wanted enough time to test all 3 of these sponges. I don’t have a beauty blender as i find its way overpriced, but i have tested numerous different dupes like the Ubu Blender Baby and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

Today I have opted to test and review the Egg Shape Dis-Chem brand, the Claire’s Scupltor one and my favourite the Cala Pear Shaped Sponge. I have a shown a picture of before its wet and one after. Its hard to see or judge the size difference below, but hope you can get some idea.



This was a hit and a miss for me. I was most excited about testing this makeup sponge as it’s the same shape as the original beauty blender. Its a very heavy dense sponge which i don’t like. It took a while for it to swell when wet and when squeezing the excess water out it tended to retain a lot of water which i wasn’t happy about. So after a while of using my towel to absorb all the excess water i put it to the test.

Result  I was so surprised by how amazing the sponge blended my makeup, as i was not impressed by the heaviness and water retention  ♥♥♥♥♥

Available only to Dis-Chem – R29.99


This makeup sponge is from Claire’s which can be found at their main store (Cavendish CPT and Pavilion DUR) and in selected Clicks stores. I didn’t like this sponge at all. The one end is rounded and the other end is flat. This was another one that had a water issue. It was very dense and retained water even worse than the Dis-Chem brand.

Result  I  didn’t like the this sponge. It didn’t blend properly at all and awkward to work with. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this sponge at all.  ♥♥♥♥♥

Available from Claire’s / Clicks – R 79.99

♥ CALA ♥

This sponge is from Dis-Chem and from the brand Cala (love their makeup brushes). It has the same Pear Shape as the Ubu blender baby. I love this makeup sponge, it’s my favourite out of all of them.

Result  I was expecting a lot from this sponge as their makeup brushes are top class and it didn’t disappoint. Its so light and airy once wet and blends beautifully. I would recommend this to anyone not wanting to spend a lot on a makeup sponge. ♥♥♥♥♥

Available from Dis-Chem for R59.99



Before sponges are wet




After sponges are wet


What is your favourite dupe or replacement for the original Beauty Blender?


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