💅🏻 MANICURE MONDAY 💅🏻 Catrice Luxury Nudes


Hi Everyone

Catrice Luxury Nudes Nail Polish are are a new generation of nude polishes with high coverage. Look forward to elegant, natural results with pearly or satin effects.

I have never been a fan of matt nail polish until i picked up one accidentally at Dis-Chem the other day, and then i went back for another 2. I love the finish and whats nice about it, if you love the colour but don’t like the matt look then you can always apply a clear top coat for a gorgeous sheen.



♥ Fresh Love Affair ♥   This is the only colour that was the closest on the swatch stick to the colour you see on/in the bottle. Its a pearly rich champagne colour. I like both the Matt and Shine finish.



♥ Your Fresh Apri-Coat ♥   This colour is completely different in/on the bottle you see compared to the swatch stick. When you first see it, it looks like a light coral colour and when i applied it to the swatch stick with 2 coats it comes out a dark dusty pink but its my favourite of the matt colours.



♥ Little Dose of Rose ♥   This colour is my least favourite. The matt was very thick and streaky. I preferred it with a clear top coat.

What is your favourite Matt Colour? Or do you prefer Shine?




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