Beauty Treats


I am a big fan of Drugstore products especially when it comes to Dis-Chem. So when i spotted these on the shelves, i opted to try these 3. There were so many to choose from. They are highly pigmented metallic eyeshadows, majority of them are metallic but some are actually a lot softer on the eye.

Really worth the R29.99 per eyeshadow palette

Bonus with Beauty Treats, is that they are Animal Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free


The first one we shall call… “Summer Skies, Stormy Nights”

Row 1-3: White, Peach, Watermelon Pink
Row 4-8: Turquoise, Cornflower Blue, Dark Copper, Bronze, Violet Purple, Powder Blue
Row 9-12: Dark Teal, Dark Silver Grey, Gunmetal Grey

I swatched below 3 + 5 + 11 + 8 + 12




The second one we shall call… “Buried Treasure”

Row 1-3: Light Cream, Gold, Caramel
Row 4-8: Peanut, Brick, Tawny, Penny, Black, Eggplant Purple
Row 9-12: Ash Grey, Fossil Grey, Charcoal

I swatched below 11 + 2 + 5 + 12 + 6

IMG_0737 IMG_0738


The third one we shall call… “Spring Jewels”

Row 1-3: Rose Gold, Heliotrope Lavender, Flamingo Purple
Row 4-8: Rose Lavender, Rosewood Purple, Orchid Purple, Cinnamon, Bronze, Copper
Row 9-12: White Cream, Pebble Grey, Violet Purple

I swatched below 1 + 3 + 7 + 11 + 10 + 12




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