💗 FAVOURITE BUYS 💗 February 2016

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Hi Everyone

I know this post is really delayed but i was on holiday and then I’ve been burning the candle at both ends with working full time, trying to blog when i can and writing.

Hope you all enjoy this post


   Fav Buys - Feb - Swiitch - All

♥ Swiitch Products – Cleaning Mat, EggBrush, Contour Bullet, Brush Guards and Under Eye Pod

Brush Cleaning Mat  i have been wanting to get my hands on a cleaning mat to make it an easier and quicker job of cleaning all my makeup brushes. Sigma has a mat but with the price tag of R500 it was a big no no for me, i would just carry on using my eggbrush. When shopping online at Swiitch for the mentioned product below they were having a special on their version of a cleaning mat for only

The BrushEgg  is a compact, quick and easy, affordable and very effective way to clean your makeup brushes. Smaller knobs on top used for Foaming & Lathering, the grooves on bottom used to agitate bristles just enough to release product, dirt, and oils without stripping.

Contour Comet  with a pointed tip to precisely apply your contour and a cylindrical base that fits right on your finger for effortless blending. Its washable and latex free, it doesn’t absorb products, making it easy to deliver pigmentation and textures.

Brush Guards  are a tightly woven, mesh-like, polyester sleeve, which stretches and molds to snugly fit the shape and size of any brush. You slip them over every brush when its not in use—it serves as a protective cover, helping to preserve the brush’s original shape and quality. What’s even better, a Brush Guard can even reform a brush that’s splayed out and become misshapen

Undereye Pod  this blender is smaller than other egg shaped blenders, but grows to twice its size when wet, making it the perfect size to maneuver into small areas such as the under eye, inner eye corners, lids, brow bones, sides of the nose and top of the cheeks. It has a more rounded base compared to other egg shaped blenders which makes it the perfect size to hold between two fingers.


Fav Buys - Feb - China Town - Washi Tape 2

♥ Washi Tape in Mini, Small, Medium, Large

I’ve recently turned from Notepad type diary to Binder Planner (from Forever New) and wanted something to liven up the white dull pages. A lot of girls i see on instagram use Washi Tape. For me it was hard affordable washi tape, never mind actually finding it. I saw a few for sale at Arts & Crafts store in Canal Walk, CNA or Spar but they were very pricey, R100 for 3 rolls and i decided to walk through China Town in Sable square a couple weeks ago and saw these for sale. The small one’s were R5 for a bag of 10 and the medium one’s were R10 for a bag.


Fav Buys - Feb - Body Shop - Vanilla Spray

♥ The Body Shop – Vanilla Eau De Toilette

I am a vanilla girl through through, i have just about every cream, body shop, body spray in Vanilla from the Body Shop and other shops. The Body Shop were having a sale and spotted this Eau De Toilette which i didn’t have. It smells so divine, its warm, light and very wearable. Sometimes, i even layer it with my fragrance.


Fav Buys - Feb - Lush - Unicorn Horn

♥ Lush Unicorn Horn

Sink into a magical bath filled with beautiful essential oils, colorful pastel waters, rainbows and dreams. Lavender, ylang ylang and neroli create a unique and uplifting fragrance as mountains of bubbles leave you feeling as enchanting and dazzling as unicorns themselves.


Fav Buys - Feb - LA Girl - Pro Prep Primer 2

♥ LA Gir Pro Prep Primer

Make your makeup last all day with PRO Prep smoothing face primer. Creates a smooth appearance by filling in fines line and pores while providing the perfect surface for foundation. Formulated with light diffusing particles and skin nourishing Vitamin E giving you a flawless finish on or off camera. Paraben and fragrance free.


Fav Buys - Feb - Claires - Popcorn iPad Cover 2

♥ Claire’s Popcorn iPad Cover

I recently shared on social media this cover and my Unicorn one (bringing out my inner child). I am a sucker for bright fun ipad covers. When u saw this popcorn one with pearls in the popcorn i knew it was meant for me.


Fav Buys - Feb - Essie - Luxeffects

♥ Essie Lux Effects Fringe Factor Collection

Featuring palettes of essie’s signature metallic and iridescent glitters, the fringe luxeffects 2015 collection is a bubbly, confetti-fueled party for nails. fringed, frilled, flared and tasseled, these dazzling shades push the fashion envelope and add breathtaking drama in seconds!

  • Frilling Me Softly, Tassel Shaker, Fashion Flares and Fringe Factor



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