TV: Pretty Little Liars – Season 6 {Season Finale}

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The Season 6 Finale of Pretty Little Liars aired last night 


“Hush Hush Sweet Liars”

The show began immediately after Hanna sent A the text message saying she killed Charlotte. “If you’re lying, I shoot all of you,” the mystery person responded. Whoever it was “took the bait” and agreed to meet, sans cops, and Hanna said she needed one more day. “It’ll be your last,” A replied.

Using the blueprints for the Radley hotel and the sanitarium, Spencer and Toby tried to figure out how to get to whatever Sara was hiding underground, and discovered there was a secret room she was likely using. They continued to suspect she was the “new big bad,” and he committed to helping her go investigate, even though that would mean ditching Yvonne’s mom’s election party after the polls closed the following night. He and Yvonne fought as he wouldn’t reveal why he had to help Spencer, and it was clear the exes were bonding again.

Meanwhile, Caleb erected an electrical fence by the Lost Woods motel with Hanna’s help, hoping it would knock Sara or whoever out when they came to meet her. A romantic moment with Spencer was later interrupted by Mr. Hastings, and she shouted “I love you” to Caleb for the first time before he left, though he didn’t say it back. When Hanna and Caleb later checked into the motel, she flashed back to their breakup, which happened when she bailed on their planned trip to Europe.

Home from the hospital, Alison and Elliot reflected positively on Charlotte’s lasting impact, before he left for his Chicago conference. Ali awoke from a nap to the sound of a music box playing, and envisioned her dirty, dead mother watching her in the bedroom. Immediately after, she received a call from someone sounding like Mrs. DiLaurentiis and asking, “Did you miss me?”

Ali shared her hospital dream with Emily, as well as the new vision, which Em thought was a side effect from her pain medication. As she slept again later, Ali had a nightmare of Detective Wilden in bed with her. Over the phone, Elliot said her mind was just playing tricks on her due to “misplaced guilt,” but she kept having visions of both her dead mom and Wilden.

Amidst all this, Ezra finished the last chapter of his book with Aria, and it finally hit him that he’ll never see Nicole again. As he cried, they shared an intimate moment, praising each other for going on this journey together. Aria later admitted to Emily that while she wrote from Nicole’s perspective, she drew on her own old feelings for Ezra. Jillian loved the whole book, and pushed up the release date to Christmas with plans for a tour, a TV adaptation and even a prequel. Overcome by the moment, Aria impulsively kissed him, and they ended up sleeping together.

On election night, Ali disappeared from her house, and Emily found her crying and shaking in the church, saying that Mrs. D. and Wilden “came back” for her and were going to take her “straight to hell.” Unable to “tell what’s real anymore,” she confessed, “Emily, I need help.” She then voluntarily checked herself into psychiatric treatment, against Emily’s wishes, at the same place Charlotte had been held.

At the motel, Hanna, Caleb, Aria and Ezra planned to trap Sara or whoever A was. When they were alone, Hanna apologized to Caleb for letting him down the night they broke up. “There’s something that you don’t know,” she told him. A flashback then showed Hanna running through New York to go back to Caleb, but found he had already took his belongings from their apartment and left his phone behind. “If I had just come back a few minutes earlier, if I never left, things might be so different now,” she told him the in the present day. “I never stopped loving you.”

They began to kiss, but stopped when they heard Ezra’s voice. At the same time, Spencer and Toby were breaking into the secret room at Radley. They were interrupted by Mona, who joined them in what was seemingly an empty room, until she found old medical records for a woman named Mary Drake, who had a child named Charles while a patient 25 years prior. That child was adopted by the DiLaurentiis family, meaning Ali had no idea Charlotte was her adopted brother/sister.

Meanwhile, Hanna had been locked in the motel room to serve as bait as the other three guarded the electric fence Caleb had set up around the perimeter. It began flashing, indicating it was hit, but no one was there. When they got back to the room, Hanna was gone.

In the final few minutes, it was revealed Spencer’s mom had won the state senate election. The celebration was interrupted when Aria called to tell her Hanna was missing. Apparently, there was a hole in the motel room’s floor that led to a tunnel, allowing someone to break in and get to her.

At the episode’s end, “Wilden” ripped off his mask, revealing himself to be Elliot. With a British accent, he and Mary Drake — now revealed to be Mrs. D’s twin — rejoiced: With Ali hospitalized, he had 51 percent control of the family company as her husband, which was their revenge for what happened to Charlotte, as he was apparently in love with her and Mary always felt an attachment as her birth mother.

At the same time, the Liars received a text: “Thanks for giving me Hanna. You’re free to go. – A.D.” Looking over footage from cameras Caleb had keeping surveillance, they saw Mrs. D by the fence, but couldn’t believe it was really her. The show ended with Hanna’s body being dragged in the church bell tower. One big question still remains: If Elliott and Mary are Uber A, who killed Charlotte?


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What did you think of the Season Finale?



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