MEGA MAKEUP HAUL (Ft. Essence and Catrice)


Hi Everyone

I know I’ve been very quiet lately but with having a full time job and some nights only getting home at 10pm, I’ve had no time for blogging. Yesterday and Today i had the day off and did some, when i say some i mean too much shopping and thought i’d upload a post on my Mega Makeup Haul. I’ll be doing a lot of reviews soon. So keep your eyes open for those posts

Featured will be the newly released Essence products; BB Beauty Balm lipgloss, Velvet Stick Matte Lip Colour, Glossy Stick Lip Colour (they are my favourites), All I Need Concealer Palette, Soft Touch Mousse Concealer, Eyebrow Gel Pit, 2-in-1 Eyeshadow and Liner Stick, Forbidden Volume Rebel Mascara, Khol Eyeliner, Makeup Fixing Spray and more….

Featured from Catrice are new products like the Sand Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, Blush Artist Palette and Prime & Fine Contouring Palette. Still waiting on a lot more items that i’m hoping will come to South Africa



3 thoughts on “MEGA MAKEUP HAUL (Ft. Essence and Catrice)

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