♥ MANICURE MONDAY ♥ JT One Nail Polishes


Hi Everyone

I have been meaning to do this post for ages now, just work has been so hectic and the lighting hasn’t been the greatest to get nice photos. So finally my off weekend and the sun decided to work together and i’m happy with my photos. They aren’t the best but hopefully the colours will do justice so you guys can see.

I discovered these budget nail polishes at woolworths in the JT One section, the were all stacked in a glass jars like candy. I love all the colours and the quality is not bad for a cheap nail polish. Its only costs R 29.99


JT One nail polishes are in square shaped bottles, they all have Hashtags names and bonus is that they are Vegan Friendly. They don’t apply streaky which i was expecting due to the price but they applied smooth with 2 coats. I didn’t do any top coat on these yet. I find the colour lasts 5-7 days with a top coat, but each colour varies.

There are other colours like #Hottie (a baby pink), #SummerKiss (a dark orange red), #Delicious, #FashionFun (a dark mint), #HappyGirl (a lilac) and many more, which i didn’t see available instore but they are on the Woolworths website HERE


♥ #Yolo  is a cool toned Powder Blue and #MintyFresh is a Mint colour but more on the blue side


♥ #JustSaying is a light Coral and #TooCool is a cool toned dark Coral


♥ #Nightlife is a dark Navy Blue and #WhatEvs is a Pastel Lapis Blue


♥ #Totes is a bright bubblegum Pink and #Rockstar is a red toned Magenta


♥ #Showstopped is a ruby Red




What is your favourite colour from this range?



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