♥ MAKEUP MUST HAVE ♥ Essence BB Beauty Balm Lipgloss {beauty review}


Hi All

I recently picked up the newly released Essence BB Beauty Balm lipgloss from Dis-Chem. There are actually 5 colours in this range but only 4 out of the 5 made it to our South African shores, the 5th (no.4 Sweet Dreams) is a beautiful coral colour.

I am so excited to be reviewing thess lipgloss as I’m honestly not a big fan of lipglosses and would normally walk away from them, but the quality of Essence products lately as well as the packaging drew me to try these.

Hope you enjoy my review


WHAT THEY SAY    BB for lips. the beauty balms nourish the lips with shea butter and vitamin E to make them feel soft and supple. in addition to the care factor, the light texture also provides a gorgeous shine with subtle colour-dispersion. thanks to the slanted applicator, the balmy lipgloss is quick and easy to apply.

WHAT I SAY   The packaging of the lipglosses is a typical lipgloss tube with a slanted applicator head with a transparent shell so you are able to see the colour.

The consistency is thicker than a normal lipgloss which is probably from the Shea Butter. Its quite creamy and not too glossy, and the most important thing for me with a lipgloss is that its not sticky. My pet peeve with a lipgloss is that its so sticky that your lips stick together (not like glue obviously lol) and if its windy day your hair sticks to your lips. This lipgloss is then right up my alley, it doesn’t not feel sticky at all and it has a slighty sweet smell. Each colour has a nice glossy finish and it keeps your lips moisturized for a couple hours max and then you need to reapply.

I would have numbered them differently, from lighter to darker, as i feel the order is mixed up but that just my OCD talking. I wish the names of the colours weren’t on the stickers, as i always peel my stickers off all my products or after time they peel off. They should be written somewhere on the tube itself.

PRICE    R 38.95 each – great price for a buget but great quality product



♥ KEEP IT REAL ♥   is a subtle brownish nude with a slight sheen. The perfect nude colour.

It pairs well with the Glossy Stick Lip Colour (reviews coming soon) in 02 Clear Nude


♥ SHH… JUST KISS ME ♥   is a cooler bright pink, its slightly creamy and with an average opacity.

It pairs well with the Glossy Stick Lip Colour in 01 Radiant Rose and Velvet Stick Matte Lip Colour in 01 Nude Hero


♥ FLIRTYLICIOUS ♥   is a Bright Fuschia pink. Its the perfect colour for Summer.

It pairs well with the Glossy Stick Lip Colour in 04 Poshi Pink


♥ HEARTBREAKER ♥   is a powerful strawberry red.

It pairs well with the Velvet Stick Matte Lip Colour in 03 Mega Melon and 04 Cherry Crash





What is your favourite colour?


2 thoughts on “♥ MAKEUP MUST HAVE ♥ Essence BB Beauty Balm Lipgloss {beauty review}

  1. Ooh I love the Wat they swatch. The flirtyliscious and just kiss me are great colours. How do your lips feel after removing it? Most glosses are great when I have them on but after removing I find my lips dryer than usual and crack . Whereas with some they still soft after.

  2. I got flitylicious and found it to be very pigmented and thick. I have only swatched ot on my lips. Still need to walk a full day. Loved your post!

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