♥ MAKEUP MONDAY ♥ Essence Gloss Stick Lip Colour {beauty review}


Hi Everyone

I was so excited to be reviewing these lip colours, i almost jumped at it and did the review right away. But i wanted a genuine review so i used them for about 2 weeks before i even this post together. I only have great things to say about these lip products.

WHAT THEY SAY    Go Glossy! The glossy sticks provide a shiny finish. the soft texture with a high coverage comes in a practical mini-format – and thanks to the large tip, application is quick and easy. they are available in delicate as well as intense colours.


WHAT I SAY   I love Essence products! Everytime new products from Essence hit the shelves, the packaging and look of each item just seem to get more attractive and draws you in. Once you pluck it off the shelves, its time to try it. And wow did these not disappoint,

Normally there are colours in a collection that i love and others that are just well, are ok. But once again Essence has put a smile on my face and made me fall in love with each and every single colour.

The quality is obviously the most important and these were no exception. They apply easily because of the jumbo sized pencil, with great pigmentation and such creaminess. They tend to last about 2-4 hours depending on how much eating or drinking you do, which is great for such a budget lip colour.

PRICE   R 38.95 for Dis-Chem and hopefully soon at Clicks, Red Square and Foschini.


Radiant Rose is a pretty baby pink.



Clear Nude is a rich brown undertoned nude. Perfect for a natural everyday look.



Luminous Rosewood is my favourite of all the colours. Its a gorgeous colour but hard to describe, it a mix between a brown based nude with a touch of dark rose pink. The perfect combination.



Poshi Pink is a playful bright pink with a slight sheen. Perfect colour for Summer and Spring



Brilliant Burgundy is going to be perfect for the Autumn and Winter seasons coming up. It a rich red toned plum colour and one of my favourites.





Hope you enjoyed my review. What is your favourite colour from this range? I wil also be reviewing the Velvet Matt collection soon. These as well as the Velvet Matt lip colours feature part of my favourite buys for April (HERE)

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below or if there are any drugstore products you would like me to review please let me know



4 thoughts on “♥ MAKEUP MONDAY ♥ Essence Gloss Stick Lip Colour {beauty review}

  1. Thanks for the info makes our shopping easier. Live the way you write too. Have an awesome week!!

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