TV: The Vampire Diaries – Season 7 Ends {Season Finale}

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Hi Everyone

The Season 7 Finale of The Vampire Diaries aired last night


“Gods and Monsters

Enzo, Damon, Stefan and Caroline try coming up with plans to open The Armory while Matt and Bonnie are chasing after them. While doing so, they meet an accident that injures Matt badly. Alaric and Caroline decide on making the twins open up the vault by siphoning off Bonnie’s spell. Penny’s spirit makes Matt realize that he deserves better, making him regain his consciousness. The twins open the Armory. Damon and Stefan go inside. Enzo lures Bonnie to the cabin letting Damon and Stefan buy more time. The tiny cabin gets nasty as Bonnie, unable to hold her urges, holds a stake down Enzo’s chest. While searching, Damon and Stefan finally approach the vault which Damon decides to venture in, alone. He assures Stefan that in some way or another, everything will be okay. They share a handshake and hug and part ways as Damon finally gets inside the vault. Enzo recollects of the glorious 3 years as he struggles to the impale while Damon, just in time, finds the Everlasting’s body, sets it on fire thus severing the link and lifting the curse off of Bonnie. Outside, Alaric tells Caroline to stay back with Stefan and parts ways on good terms saying that no matter what, they will always be family. Stefan and Caroline get back together. A rejoiced Bonnie forgives Damon on the phone and while he’s getting out, he starts hearing Elena’s voice. Enzo and Bonnie warn Damon that its the vault playing tricks with his mind but he keeps following the voice and something scary overpowers him. Enzo rushes in to help encountering a strange Damon. The monster takes Enzo as well.

Flashforward: Three months from now, Everybody’s trying to find Enzo and Damon, Alaric manages to crack open the code for the vault but they find it empty. Bonnie remains helpless as she lost two of her closest people and her magic never came back. Gradually, the rest start getting reports of large number of people going missing and they realize it’s them, but they don’t know where to start looking. Somewhere far off, Damon and Enzo have lost every shred of humanity and killing endless people for sake of sport. Stefan is shown writing his journal to Elena promising that he’ll get them back and whatever Damon does in all this time, its not his fault.

*** The Vampire Diaries returns for an Eighth Season in October 2016***

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What did you think of the Season finale ?



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