TV: Chicago PD – Season 3 Ends {Season Finale}

Chicagp PD

Hi Everyone

The Season 3 Finale of Chicago PD aired last night


“Start Digging”

The Intelligence unit find the body of a widowed single mother Melissa Wilds in the trunk of her car, bound with barbed wire, a slit throat and her fingernails removed. They are shocked to discover the victim was in constant contact with Voight’s now-reformed son, Justin.

Commander Crowley has plans to make changes within the unit and offers Voight the promotion of Lieutenant.

After Lindsay and Voight find Justin has been attacked in the same manor as Melissa Wilds , with a gunshot wound to the head and is critically injured, Antonio and the team know Voight will be out for revenge

Meanwhile, following his accident, Roman makes a tough decision and decides to quit the force and move to San Diego. Burgess makes the decision to stay in Chicago and be a cop ending their relationship

Voight puts out a $90K cash reward on the streets for any information on the person who did this to Justin.

The news gets worse for Justin, Dr Goodwin advises Voight that Justin is brain dead following his injuries and Olive wants to take Justin off life support. Voight says goodbye to Justin before the machines are turned off.

It turns out Melissa Wilds was in trouble and Justin was helping her escape the thieving ring she had gotten herself roped into.

Voight’s informant tells him the location of the man responsible for killing Justin. He sends the team Antonio, Ruzek, Hallstead, Olinsky and Atwater to a randomly abandoned house to do a search, in the meantime it turns out Voight sent them there while he has the killer of his son tied up and literally digging his own grave

Erin in the meantime figures out what Voight is up to and tried to stop him. He tells her to leave. As she drives away you hear a gun shot and then it flashes to Voight walking away from an “undisturbed| well covered grave of Justin’s killer.

*** Chicago PD has been renewed for a Fourth Season airing Sep/Oct/Nov 2016 ***

TV - PD - 3 - 23 - Main Pic


What did you think of the Season Finale?



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