📺 TV SHOWS 📺 Feed The Beast {AMC Network}

TV - Feed The Beast

Hi Everyone

Feed The Beast says creator Clyde Phillips “is a fusion of his formative years, all brought together in a deliciously satisfying, provocative and surprising world”


“Pilot Light”

♥ NETWORK   AMC Network

♥ ABOUT   Feed The Beast is a drama about two best friends who take one last shot at their dream of opening a restaurant together. One is a brilliant chef in trouble with the Mob and the law, and the other is the best sommelier in the city who is the widowed father of a teenage son. Broke is the story of friendship, fatherhood, grief, larceny, arson, drugs, adultery, murder, love – and blazingly original cooking

TV - Feed The Beast 2

⇒ Episode 1    [1-01]  Dion Patras is released from prison on early parole and is immediately hunted by Patrick Woijchik’s men, members of a Polish mafia. Elsewhere, Tommy Moran visits his wife Rie’s gravesite and has difficulty selling wine to local vendors. He also has to raise his mute son TJ, who expresses his emotions through his drawings. Dion’s uncle Stavros has everything set up for Dion to flee to Paris, however, Patrick arrives to send Dion scrambling and introduces himself as “The Tooth Fairy” to Stavros by wielding some pliers. Dion eventually finds Tommy, and they bicker over their past: Tommy never visited Dion in prison, and Dion abused cocaine and burned down a restaurant, which ultimately caused Rie’s death. Patrick finally catches Dion, and it is revealed the burned restaurant belonged to Patrick, who never got an insurance settlement. Dion promises to open another restaurant to repay Patrick and later begins convincing Tommy to help

TV - Feed The Beast 3

♥ CAST   David Schwimmer (Friends, American Crime Story), Jim Sturgess (21, Cloud Atlas), Lorenza Izzo (Knock Knock, The Green Inferno), John Doman (The Wire, Gotham), Elijan Jacob




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