TV: Devious Maids – Season 4 Starts {Promo}

TV - Devious Maids

Hi Everyone

Lifetime’s Drama Devious Maids returns tonight for its 4th Season


“Once More Unto The Bleach”

♥ Network   Lifetime Network

♥ Last Season   [3-13] “Anatomy of a Murder” Carmen and Sebastian decide to get married. Evelyn also decides that she wants a divorce from Adrian after they both lost Deion. In retaliation, Adrian cancels the mansion sale so they can’t split their assets when they’re divorced. Rosie visits Spence, only to find his apartment wrecked and he’s in the hospital with an amnesia. Ernesto decides to go back to Mexico in order to protect his family, and says goodbye to Miguel before leaving. Rosie later tries to help Spence remember, but Peri Westmore arrives and tells Spence that she’s his wife and Rosie is their maid. Zoila and Genevieve go to couple’s therapy to fix their relationship. Zoila tells the doctor that the problem is Genevieve’s selfishness. Genevieve reveals that she’s been talking to Javier, which makes Zoila furious. Later, they both get stuck in the elevator and Zoila’s water breaks. Genevieve has reception on her phone so Zoila tells her that she may have to deliver the baby. Genevieve quickly opens the elevator’s door using her high heels, and manages to crawl out and call for help. During the labor, complications occur and Genevieve is forced to choose who to prioritise: Zoila or her baby. Michael tries to take Katy away from Taylor to protect her. Marisol continues investigating Blanca’s murder and finds out that Katy may know who the murderer is. Before she can ask Katy, Taylor turns Michael in to the police and he is arrested for murder. Marisol confronts Taylor and she reveals that she’s been having affair with Sebastian. After a visit from a woman claiming to be Sebastian’s Yoga instructor, Carmen searches Sebastian’s place, she finds her dress that Blanca was wearing the night she disappeared. Sebastian points a gun at her and texts Marisol to go to the Powell’s mansion. Taylor and Katy decide to change their identities and run away, with Katy taking Rosie’s name. When Marisol goes to the Powell’s mansion, Evelyn was carrying a box filled with Adrian’s sex toys and Sebastian shows up, pointing a gun at Carmen. Marisol, Adrian, Evelyn, and Carmen are held hostage by Sebastian using Adrian’s sex handcuffs. It is revealed that while Sebastian was in the Stappord’s house, Louie caught him and Taylor. Louie was impaled after Sebastian pushed him onto Taylor’s glass coffee table. Katy woke up and Taylor takes her back to bed. Sebastian mutilates the body and spreads the body parts all over town to make sure the body was unidentifiable. Later, Blanca arrives and found the bloody mess. Sebastian covers up his tracks by kidnapping and killing Blanca, and also writing “Forgive Me” on the floor so everyone would think that Blanca did it. He also purposely led Evelyn to the house so she would find the body. Sebastian threatens to harm Evelyn if Adrian doesn’t give him money. Adrian calls Michael, who has just been released from prison, since his alibi checked out, to give him money. Michael arrives at the mansion, but tries to go inside. In result, Sebastian takes Michael as a hostage. When Michael threatens to kill Sebastian once he gets out, Sebastian shoots him, killing him. Sebastian also plans to burn the house by leaking the gas. Marisol manages to get out from her handcuffs and hits Sebastian with a fireplace poker while Carmen distracts him. They flee the mansion and call the police, however, Adrian goes back inside to retrieve a photo of him, Evelyn and Barrett. When Sebastian wakes up, he accidentally drops Adrian’s electrifier, creating a spark. The mansion explodes and Evelyn screams for Adrian as his fate is left unknown

TV - Devious Maids

♥ New Season    [4-01]  Lives are changed forever following the explosion at the Powell mansion



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